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    #Female Pleasure

    • Barbara Miller
    • Switzerland, Germany
    • 2018
    • 97 min
    • Documentary
    • Best of Fests

    Mechanisms of hostility toward women span cultures, religions and continents, as we see in this portrait of five women fighting for their sexual freedom and autonomy.

    The Reformist - A Female Imam

    • Marie Skovgaard
    • Denmark
    • 2019
    • 59 min
    • Documentary

    Sherin is opening one of Europe’s first mosques run by female imams.

    The Female Paradocs Gaze

    • Industry
    • November 18, 2016
    • Melanie Goodfellow
    • News

    Samira Elagoz's Craigslist Allstars and Maarit Suomi-Väänänen's Minispectacles Albuquerque Straight will world premiere this weekend in a provocative double bill organised by IDFA's Paradocs strand, aimed at works going beyond the usual frame of traditional documentary.

    Women’s Day: 6 works by young female makers

    • News
    • March 8, 2019
    • News

    In honor of International Women’s Day, we present 6 works by young female filmmakers and artists to watch. All documentaries and interactive projects are available to stream in the IDFA online collection.

    The Female Gaze

    • General
    • November 20, 2014
    • KEES Driessen
    • News

    In 2014 IDFA presented the program The Female Gaze: does a 'female gaze' exist within the documentary genre? Fifteen leading international female directors, including Pirjo Honkasalo, Barbara Kopple and Kim Longinotto, selected the documentaries.

    G Spotting: A Story of Pleasure and Promise

    • Gilles Boyon, Segolene Hanotaux
    • Canada, France
    • 2011
    • 52 min
    • Documentary
    • Panorama

    Even decades after the sexual revolution, the mythologization of female sexuality is still ubiquitous. A personal and scientific quest for the G-spot.

    Street footballer Rocky Hehakaija presents 3 films about female athletes

    • News
    • May 28, 2019
    • News

    Get ready for the Women’s World Cup with 3 IDFA films about women and sports as selected by street football star Rocky Hehakaija, who hosted our screening of Freedom Fields at Cluppi on june 8.

    IDFA announces main competitions, opening film, and female filmmaker majority across all competitions

    IDFA presents the complete selection today, including the competitions for Feature-Length, Mid-Length, and First Appearance films, the IDFA DocLab competitions and Spotlight, the IDFA 2019 Opening Film, and this year’s jury members. On this momentous occasion, IDFA is delighted to announce that, as the festival stands today, 64% of the competition titles are by female filmmakers, with 47% in the total program. Additionally, 67% of the selected IDFA Forum projects are by women; 57% of IDFA Bertha Fund’s supported projects are by female filmmakers this year; and 70% of IDFAcademy’s talents are women this edition. Together, the numbers mark the highest percentage of female filmmakers in IDFA’s history.

    A Woman Without a Name

    • Farzad Khoshdast
    • Iran
    • 2019
    • 80 min
    • Documentary

    Female inmates in a Tehran prison give a rare voice to their shocking crimes and punishments.


    • Agnieszka Zwiefka
    • Germany
    • 2019
    • 79 min
    • Documentary

    Scars brings us the never told before story of female fighters within the Tamil Tigers, a separatist militant organization fighting for independence during the Sri Lanka Civil War.