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    Trembling Before G-D

    • Sandi Simcha DuBowski
    • France, Israel, United States
    • 2001
    • 84 min
    • Documentary
    • Reflecting Images

      ‘If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.’- Leviticus 20:13. This daring documentary raises the issue of homosexuality among people of the Orthodox Jewish creed. One of the main characters in the film is Rabbi Steve Greenberg, the first openly gay Orthodox Rabbi. He has written a book entitled Of Wrestling with God and Men, which discusses The Bible, Jewish tradition and homosexuality. The whole film could have the same title as this book, as it is structured as a fight between people who view homosexuality only as a sin or sickness and people who follow their physical instincts, but nevertheless do not want to give up their membership of the Hasidic community.

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      No More Boomerang

      • Tom d' Angremond
      • Netherlands, The
      • 1988
      • Documentary

        This year, Australia celebrates its bicentennial, but the festivities disregard the existence of a culture of over 40.000 years old on that continent, that of the Aboriginals. It is the implicit denial of their culture. This film reverses that approach: it disregards the festivities and the Aboriginals themselves invite you to their daily existence. In Redfern, the black ghetto of Sydney - a holy place on a hill in the city; and in Warakurna, one of the seven small communities of the Ngaanyatjarra language-group in the Gibson Desert, 800 kilometers west of the small town of Alice Springs. Each confrontation with a different culture is a confrontation with our own culture. Then, the distance becomes tangible: values that are self-evident to us relate to those of the Aboriginals like water to fire. Aboriginals are ordinary people, but they have preserved faculties that we in the west have lost. After 2.000 years of extermination, subordination, and awareness of the permanent white presence on their land, they give a worthy and self-conscious token of their existence. Western culture has started a process that must convince following cultures of their ideas about good and bad. We can see that things are going wrong. We realize that the process has become irreversible.

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        Dirty Energy

        • Bryan D. Hopkins
        • United States
        • 2012
        • 94 min
        • Documentary
        • Panorama

          Alarming insights into the consequences of the huge Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, viewed from the perspective of local people.

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          Sharing knowledge from the IDFA DocLab R&D Program

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            FAQ: IDFA DocLab Open Call for R&D Proposals 2021

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              What’s on and what’s next for artists in the DocLab R&D Program

                As we warm up for another year of the IDFA DocLab R&D Program, our DocLab colleagues are currently processing the 200+ R&D proposals that artists around the world recently submitted. To tide you over in the meantime, we used this opportunity to catch up with some of the artists who participated in the program’s third year.

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                IDFA DocLab launches Open Call for R&D Proposals 2020

                  Our new media program IDFA DocLab is now calling for proposals to the IDFA DocLab R&D Program. Read more about the innovative research and development framework for non-fiction art, and send in your proposal by March 6, 2020.

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                  Catching up with the IDFA DocLab R&D Program: 6 projects on the rise

                    As we warm up for another year of the IDFA DocLab R&D Program, our new media colleagues catch up with some of the artists who participated in the program’s first year. Where are they now?

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                    IDFA DocLab Forum R&D Expert Meetings: Reclaiming public space through digital art

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                      A think tank event for experts from all corners of the interactive and immersive storytelling industry.

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                      IDFA DocLab R&D projects

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                        As part of its R&D Program with MIT, IDFA DocLab annually commissions and supports new works, enables (audience) research, and explores new ways to exhibit and distribute immersive and interactive projects.

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                        A Fugitive at Cannes

                        • Dimitri Kourtchine, Marie-Christine Malbert
                        • France
                        • 2021
                        • Documentary

                          At the beginning of the 1980’s, Yilmaz Güney, a Turkish film director and political prisoner, makes movies from his prison cell. With the help of European friends, he manages to escape. Filmed on the run, his movie Yol is awarded the Palme d’Or in Cannes.

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                          Kalin and The Jail Team

                          • Petko D. Gyulchev
                          • Bulgaria
                          • 2018
                          • 64 min
                          • Documentary

                            Kalin and The Jail Team is a film about the efforts of one man to overcome the value systems of the outcasts of society. His goal: at least one out of 100 people to rise out of the gutter.

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                            The Last Archer

                            • Dácil Manrique de Lara
                            • Spain
                            • 2020
                            • 74 min
                            • Documentary

                              Reality shaped his art. His art shaped my reality.

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                              Rockfield: The Studio On the Farm

                              • Hannah Berryman
                              • United Kingdom
                              • 2020
                              • 61 min
                              • Documentary

                                This is a story of rock and roll dreams intertwined with a family business’ fight for survival. From “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “Wonderwall”, the story of the tracks that make up our music DNA.

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