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    In IDFA's long-running series about the art of documentary filmmaking, this year's focus will be on the use of space in film. A total of ten new films will be selected for this program, in which space plays a crucial role in many different ways and on different levels. After the films, hosts Nicolas Rapold (Film Comment) and Eric Hynes (Museum of the Moving Image) interview the directors about their use of space, including (among others) Sergei Loznitsa (Victory Day), Karim Aïnouz (Central Airport THF) and Gabrielle Brady (Island of the Hungry Ghosts).

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    • Ekta Mittal
    • 2018

    A poetic interpretation of the pain caused by the separation from loved ones who left their villages for the city years ago.

    The Border Fence

    • Nikolaus Geyrhalter
    • 2018

    In precisely composed shots, Nikolaus Geyrhalter explores the few square kilometers around the Brenner Pass, telling an urgent story about Europe in the process.

    Central Airport THF

    • Karim Aïnouz
    • 2018

    Tempelhof is an iconic airport in Berlin that has served as a refugee camp since 2015. In the immense hangars, life goes on in spite of it all.

    Closing Time

    • Nicole Vögele
    • 2018

    A hypnotic and playful observation of a couple working nights in a snack bar at an anonymous junction in Taipei.

    Hale County This Morning, This Evening

    • RaMell Ross
    • 2018

    A warm and poetic portrait of an African-American community in the Black Belt of the Southern United States.

    The Hidden City

    • Victor Moreno
    • 2018

    This descent into the mysterious world beneath the city is like science fiction—a claustrophobic visual masterpiece.

    In the Open

    • Guillaume Massart
    • 2017

    Casabianda is a detention facility that houses mainly sex offenders. A breathtaking, observational quest for humanity.

    Island of the Hungry Ghosts

    • Gabrielle Brady
    • 2018

    A crab migration, a ritual for wandering ghosts, and a heavily guarded Australian detention center are brought together in a mesmerizing contemplation of migration.

    Los Reyes

    • Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
    • 2018

    The life of some tough teenagers at the Chilean skatepark Los Reyes, seen through the eyes of two stray dogs, Chola and Football.

    Victory Day

    • Sergei Loznitsa
    • 2018

    Modern-day nationalism haunts this portrait of a commemoration of the Soviet soldiers who died in Berlin.