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    This non-competitive premiere program section returns with hard-hitting films that interrogate power, seek truth, and urge us to stand in solidarity with the world’s vulnerable people. From street protests in Ouagadougou to body politics in Scandanavia, Frontlight showcases incredible filmmakers and protagonists standing up for their rights.

    Selected for Frontlight

    After Your Revolt, Your Vote!

    • Kiswendsida Parfait Kaboré
    • 2019

    After a popular uprising in 2014, Burkina Faso finally had the chance to vote for a democratically elected president. To encourage people to go to the polls, the “Citizen’s Broom” movement is now touring the country with a catchy campaign.

    Always in Season

    • Jacqueline Olive
    • 2019

    A probing exposé about the deep roots of racist violence in the United States, starting with the death of a black teenager. The police say it was suicide, but the boy’s friends and family believe he was lynched.


    • Clara Lazarim, Ricardo Mollan Saito, Caio Castor, Guilherme Cerqueira César
    • 2019

    The polarization of Brazilian society is brought into painfully sharp focus in a single long but unplanned shot, during which a street interview descends into a heated exchange with passersby. Are we still listening to each other?

    The Cause

    • Andres Figueredo
    • 2019

    One of the most dangerous prisons in Venezuela is run by the inmates themselves. Current and former prisoners give a staggering account of life in this parallel society, and about the search for liberation within it.

    Chasing Yehoshua

    • Shay Fogelman
    • 2019

    Journalist Shay Fogelman makes it a personal mission to track down a murderer on the run. He spends eight years on this investigative documentary, which develops a sharp political edge as the intriguing discoveries mount.

    Faith and Fury

    • Marcos Pimentel
    • 2019

    In Brazil, the evangelical neo-charismatic movement is rapidly gaining in popularity. The aggressive rhetoric of its supporters is contributing to a growing polarization in society. Violence isn’t a taboo: after all, surely the Bible is above the law?

    Fat Front

    • Louise Unmack Kjeldsen, Louise Detlefsen
    • 2019

    An optimistic portrait of four young Scandinavian women who start a body positivity movement. They carry their fat bodies with pride, and bid farewell to the self-hatred and guilt they have lived with for so long.

    The Forbidden Reel

    • Ariel Nasr
    • 2019

    The history of Afghanistan in the second half of the 20th century, told through interviews with filmmakers and excerpts from films from the national film archives, saved from destruction by the Taliban.

    The Forum

    • Marcus Vetter
    • 2019

    Every year, the international elite gather at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to talk privately about global issues. Marcus Vetter was the first filmmaker to be granted behind-the-scenes access.

    How to Steal a Country

    • Rehad Desai
    • 2019

    A riveting account of the investigations into the corrupt practices of Former President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, and the scandals surrounding the wealthy Indian Gupta family. Is there still room for justice within this fledgling democracy?


    • Tonje Hessen Schei
    • 2019

    The use of artificial intelligence has far-reaching consequences, especially in the context of power and social control. With great access to many influential voices on this subject, iHuman explores how AI is changing our lives and our world.

    The Letter

    • Christopher King, Maia Lekow
    • 2019

    Karisa travels from Mombasa to his grandmother in the countryside, because she has been accused of witchcraft and received a death threat. It gradually emerges who sent the threatening letter and why.


    • Claudia Sparrow
    • 2019

    A big goldmine in Peru wants to expand operations, and that would mean swallowing up the little plot of land belonging to Máxima. But she’s not about to go down without a fight. With impressive tenacity she battles it out against greed and corruption.

    Of Land and Bread

    • Ehab Tarabieh
    • 2019

    With the support of human rights organization B’Tselem, Palestinians made dozens of short films about the bullying and humiliation they encounter every day. From these, filmmaker Ehab Tarabieh edited this angry montage of provocations.

    Radio Silence

    • Juliana Fanjul
    • 2019

    The popular Mexican radio journalist Carmen Aristegui battles against her corrupt government, which is in the grip of drug cartels. Risking her own life, she continues to broadcast to her millions of followers on social media.

    This Is Not a Movie

    • Yung Chang
    • 2019

    A glimpse into the restless life of Robert Fisk, the British correspondent for The Independent who has been reporting on wars and other conflicts for 40 years. When under fire—either literally or figuratively—he remains unperturbed.

    The Two Lives of Li Ermao

    • Jia Yuchuan
    • 2019

    A powerful portrait of Li Ermao, who lives as a “ladyboy”. The film follows her over the course of 17 years in her native China, as she searches for love and acceptance but encounters prejudice and aggression.