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    Paradocs moves between film and art. Through innovative forms, the filmmakers seek freedom of the documentary genre.

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    All Voices Are Mine

    • Basir Mahmood
    • 2018

    Reenacted recollections of the Pakistani film industry’s glory days show how selective and inaccurate our memory can be.

    Alone Together

    • Guus Voorham
    • 2018

    In “girlfriend role play” videos on YouTube, women whisper softly to their webcams as if to a lover. What happens when intimacy becomes a product?


    • Khaled Abdulwahed
    • 2018

    A ravaged cactus field is recreated in a Berlin apartment. A reenactment about devastation and reconstruction; a miraculous resurrection in miniature.

    Big Characters

    • Ju Anqi
    • 2018

    In 1968, 30 immense Chinese characters were constructed in the Gobi Desert. Here, revolutions all over the world coalesce into an elusive newsreel.


    • belit sağ
    • 2018

    Artist belit sağ exposes the deep-seated police and media racism that led to murders by German neo-Nazis going unpunished for many years.

    Erased,___ Ascent of the Invisible

    • Ghassan Halwani
    • 2018

    The search for the people who went missing in the Lebanese civil war. They have never been declared dead, and risk disappearing forever.


    • Salomé Lamas
    • 2018

    A journey through Transnistria reveals a political twilight zone that blurs the distinction between present and past, reality and dreams.

    Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)

    • Lukas Marxt
    • 2018

    A hypnotic portrait of agrarian monoculture, an inhospitable landscape on the verge of economic and environmental disaster.

    John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection

    • Julien Faraut
    • 2018

    Tennis and cinema become one in this unorthodox hybrid of sports documentary and visual essay about John McEnroe’s heyday.

    Memory Room

    • Feargal Ward, Adrian Duncan
    • 2018

    Desolate, mysterious scenes and a fantastic soundscape reconstruct a trek into the subarctic wilderness in the footsteps of an Irish forester.

    Operation Jane Walk

    • Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel
    • 2018

    The digital war zone of a shooter game provides the setting for an architectural tour of a post-apocalyptic New York.

    Progress vs Sunsets

    • Melanie Bonajo
    • 2017

    Edited into YouTube films about animals, children give their opinions on the environment, animal welfare and nature, and the way adults are ruining it all.

    Separation, Vivid Dreams

    • Bojana Radulovic
    • 2018

    Rootless despite having a home: like her house in Montenegro, Bojana Radulović feels at the mercy of international developments and political changes.