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    Paradocs moves between film and art. Through innovative forms, the filmmakers seek freedom of the documentary genre.

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    The Hissing of Summer Sands

    • Catarina Mourao
    • 2019

    It turns out that the mythical bogeyman of the Portuguese Salazar dictatorship era was real after all. Telling his story reconstructs a time that has become surrounded with an equally mythical aura, thanks to collective silence.

    Hours of Glass

    • Michiel van Bakel
    • 2018

    The roles are reversed when observatories are viewed with a seemingly extraterrestrial eye. A poetic miniature about interstellar surveillance and the relationship between an infinite universe and limited human life.

    I Have Seen Nothing, I Have Seen All

    • Yaser Kassab
    • 2019

    Filmmaker-in-exile Yaser Kassab calls his father in Aleppo, who tells him his brother’s grave has been moved. The physical distance increases Kassab’s sense of loss, but also turns him into an outsider.

    Just Don’t Think I’ll Scream

    • Frank Beauvais
    • 2019

    In a breathtaking collage of ultra-short film excerpts, Frank Beauvais talks about his past, fears, thoughts and desires. The result is a superior and autobiographical sampling composition with a literary slant.

    Palace of Colours

    • Prantik Basu
    • 2019

    While villagers prepare for the annual Sohrai festival, a woman from the Indian Santhali people tells her version of the creation story according to oral tradition.

    The Ride

    • Esther Polak, Ivar van Bekkum
    • 2019

    A nocturnal car ride to the scene of a calamity. The combination of impersonal Google Earth imagery, sparse dialogue and the sound of a heartbeat is emotionally gripping, while leaving room for the imagination.

    San Vittore

    • Yuri Ancarani
    • 2018

    A visual journey into the minds of children visiting their parents at the San Vittore prison in Milan. Their drawings reveal how they experience the prison regime. Some see San Vittore as a castle.


    • Daniela Delgado Viteri
    • 2019

    Small acts of subversive resistance—teasing tourists, crashing election parties, insulting filmmakers—in five fictive interviews with ordinary citizens who refuse to submit to the powers that be.

    Tension Structures

    • Feargal Ward, Adrian Duncan
    • 2019

    How do you generate structures that won’t collapse, even under the worst imaginable conditions? This roving travelogue forges unexpected connections between ambitious Parisian structures and the tensions surrounding the gilets jaunes protests.

    This Film Is About Me

    • Alexis Delgado Búrdalo
    • 2019

    This portrait of a woman who is imprisoned for a brutal murder isn’t about her crime or punishment, but about herself. With both the director and the protagonist having a passionate desire to make this film, an intriguing interplay unfolds.

    to forget

    • Lydia Nsiah
    • 2019

    Memories fade and distort, also when they are recorded on film, which deteriorates over time. A collage of archetypal but damaged footage reveals the perishability of this medium for our collective memory.


    • Florian Fischer, Johannes Krell
    • 2019

    Fascinating sequences of optical phenomena—some familiar, some very mysterious—at the interface of documentary and experimental film. Are you seeing what you think you’re seeing?