Paradocs: Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA

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    Paradocs moves between film and art. Through innovative forms, the filmmakers seek freedom of the documentary genre. This year, Paradocs remains part of our ongoing collaboration with Amsterdam Art and EYE, taking place during Amsterdam Art Weekend in the last weekend of IDFA.

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    • Meiro Koizumi
    • 2018

    War seeps into everyday life as blindfolded veterans shuffle around their apartments and talk about their most traumatic experiences.

    La casa (ostinato crescendo)

    • Giovanni Giaretta
    • 2018

    In a horror film, it’s the suggestive power of the setting that forms the atmosphere, not the violent, gory action.

    Lola Magenta

    • Ansuya Blom
    • 2017

    A hallucinatory portrayal of the suffering of Lola Voss, who became famous as a case study in Ludwig Binswanger’s standard work on schizophrenia.

    PUK* Bill

    • Floris Schonfeld
    • 2017

    AI as an independent entity is coming soon, but experiences with the pioneering PUK* prove that the human mind isn't capable of comprehending it yet.

    (Re)(Re)interpretation: Gold Town

    • Shigeo Arikawa
    • 2017

    At first sight, the activities in a Japanese office seem recognizable, but they are open to so many interpretations that they prove to be impossible to understand.