Paradocs: Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA

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    Paradocs moves between film and art. Through innovative forms, the filmmakers seek freedom of the documentary genre. This year, Paradocs remains part of our ongoing collaboration with Amsterdam Art and EYE, taking place during Amsterdam Art Weekend in the first weekend of IDFA.

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    Forest on Location

    • Persijn Broersen, Margit Lukacs
    • 2018

    In a replica of the last remains of Europe’s last primeval forest Białowieża, the avatar Shahram Yazdani sings his Farsi version of the popular hit song “Nature Boy.” Nature is presented as a virtual construct, meandering between the mythical and the actual.

    Good Ended Happily

    • Basir Mahmood
    • 2019

    What happens if you leave the filming to others? Artist Basir Mahmood asked a film crew from the Pakistani film industry in Lahore to unleash their imaginations on the Special Forces operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed.

    Metodo dei Loci

    • Rebecca Digne
    • 2019

    An elephant walks through a park. With its proverbially infallible memory, this animal is a representation of the “method of loci,” a strategy for retaining information by arranging the memory as an architectural structure.

    She Breathes Water

    • Penny Siopis
    • 2019

    In this associative collage of found footage, the poetic subtitles and soundscape of crackling ice add an extra layer of meaning to a warning packaged in symbolism. Mother Earth admonishes humanity.

    To Those That Will, Ways Are Not Wanting

    • Paulien Oltheten
    • 2019

    Jacques Tati in Russia and Iran. Snow piles, posts, fences and much too narrow openings: the obstacles that people face on a daily basis are numerous. Wonderful observations of perseverance in two parallel worlds.

    Viva Matanzas

    • Dick Verdult
    • 2018

    The Dutch capture of the Spanish treasure fleet in 1628 heralded the end of the Spanish Empire. The film presents a masked-dance reenactment of this historical event—which passed without bloodshed—as an over-the-top costume drama.

    Worker’s Ordinary Day

    • Ahmet Öğüt
    • 2019

    Where fighter planes once stood, people now laze under palm trees. Ahmet Ögüt shows the absurdity of a hangar converted into a Tropical Islands resort by focusing on the man who gives hot air balloon tours—indoors.