IDFA on Stage

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    IDFA on Stage presents, for the first time, four one-off events that explore the space between documentary film and performing arts.

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    Vida a bordo

    • Emiliano Mazza De Luca
    • 2018

    This voyage aboard the cargo ship Explorador is a visual trip into our entire life, with all its banality and euphoria.

    Nature’s Nickelodeons

    • Amy E Cutler
    • 2018

    Experience nature as never before in a performance in which experimental artists turn the traditional nature documentary on its head.

    £¥€$ (LIES)

    • Alexander Devriendt
    • 2017

    An interactive theater experience that puts you in the place of the super-rich one percent for a single night, calling all the shots in our economy.

    Anniversary of the Revolution

    • Dziga Vertov
    • 1918

    Recently rediscovered, the first full-length film by the godfather of creative documentary Dziga Vertov—previously, only a 12-minute version had survived.