IDFA Hits: the absolute must-see films of IDFA 2019

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    This year we've selected a number of must-sees that are expected to be the biggest hits of the festival (tickets from € 8.50).

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    Lessons of Love

    • Małgorzata Goliszewska, Katarzyna Mateja
    • 2019

    Free-spirited Jola, after escaping from an abusive marriage finds herself thrust into a new romance at a latino dancing class. Will she embrace love for the first time in her life at the age of 69?

    Prison for Profit

    • Ilse van Velzen, Femke van Velzen
    • 2019

    Whistleblowers, former prisoners and an investigative journalist paint a shocking picture of South Africa’s first privatized prison. Profit maximization is the priority, with underpaid guards and violence against prisoners the inevitable outcome.

    Europa, “Based on a True Story”

    • Kivu Ruhorahoza
    • 2019

    A hybrid film by the Rwandan director, who’s making a fiction feature set in London about a mysterious Nigerian man, his mixed-race British lover and the lover’s white husband. Increasing social and racial tension form the backdrop.