IDFA Competition for First Appearance

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    A strong selection of films from emerging filmmakers, who gave it their all for their debut film.

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    • Ekta Mittal
    • 2018

    A poetic interpretation of the pain caused by the separation from loved ones who left their villages for the city years ago.

    Closing Time

    • Nicole Vögele
    • 2018

    A hypnotic and playful observation of a couple working nights in a snack bar at an anonymous junction in Taipei.


    • Fernando Martín Restelli
    • 2018

    This disarmingly frank portrait of a restless boy and the adults in his life is an intimate look at tenderness and parental love in uncertain times.


    • Ewa Podgórska
    • 2018

    Disorienting images of a city blend with therapy sessions in which deep memories and emotions come to the surface. What kind of animal is the city?

    Giacinto Scelsi. The First Motion of the Immovable

    • Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva
    • 2018

    Composer Giacinto Scelsi believed his work came to him from the gods. Discover the mysterious beauty of his world and his music.

    The Greatest Sacrifice

    • Eyad Aljarod
    • 2018

    Over the course of 3 years, filmmaker Eyad Aljarod records how peaceful protest turns into deadly conflict in his Syrian hometown Saraqeb.


    • Eloy Domínguez Serén
    • 2018

    A humorous, bittersweet portrait of three uncompromising twentysomethings cut off from the world in a refugee camp in the Sahara desert.

    A Haunted Past

    • Fatma Riahi
    • 2018

    A personal portrait of a broken Tunisian-Bosnian family. Ex-prisoner and ex-jihadist Tawfik has been left alone to take care of his three teenage daughters.

    Kabul, City in the Wind

    • Aboozar Amini
    • 2018

    A bus driver and two brothers struggle to keep their heads above water in Kabul, a city still regularly struck by terrorist attacks.

    The Land of Peach Blossoms

    • Mingying Zhou
    • 2018

    A unique live-event restaurant in Chongqing holds a mirror to China. How long will the staff submit to the company philosophy with its authoritarian collectivism?


    • Emmanuelle Bonmariage
    • 2018

    A playful and moving journey through the life and work of Belgian documentary filmmaker Manu Bonmariage, intimately captured by his daughter Emanuelle.

    Mussolini’s Sister

    • Juna Suleiman
    • 2018

    Within the small world of the elderly Hiam, large themes such as arranged marriage, loneliness and decline are explored through her granddaughter’s camera lens.


    • María Silvia Esteve
    • 2018

    A poetic family chronicle in which a diplomat’s daughter and her sisters try to come to grips with the tragic life of their mother.