IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary

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    IDFA's feature-length competition contains titles from established filmmakers. From intense visual experiences to intimate portraits, a great diversity of style and form typifies this year's selection.

    Items in this selection

    Absence of Me

    • Melina Terribili
    • 2018

    An original look at the pain of living in exile, constructed from photos, films and sound recordings left behind by the celebrated Uruguayan musician Alfredo Zitarrosa.

    The Border Fence

    • Nikolaus Geyrhalter
    • 2018

    In precisely composed shots, Nikolaus Geyrhalter explores the few square kilometers around the Brenner Pass, telling an urgent story about Europe in the process.


    • Francesco Patierno
    • 2018

    A tense archive film about the criminals who ruled the streets of Naples between the 1960s and the mid-90s, this is also a review of Italian TV journalism over the years.

    The Hidden City

    • Victor Moreno
    • 2018

    This descent into the mysterious world beneath the city is like science fiction—a claustrophobic visual masterpiece.

    Hungary 2018

    • Eszter Hajdú
    • 2018

    In a politically ruptured Hungary, left-winger Ferenc Gyurcsány gives his all in the battle against rising nationalism, personified by Viktor Orbán.

    Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

    • Tomer Heymann
    • 2018

    An intimate portrait of a gay porn star, who tries to escape the demons of his boyhood through extreme sex, hard drugs and superficial attention.

    Junha’s Planet

    • Hyung-sook Hong
    • 2018

    A tender and beautifully observed portrait of Junha, a sullen boy whose classmates avoid him because he might spit or throw punches at them without warning.

    Los Reyes

    • Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
    • 2018

    The life of some tough teenagers at the Chilean skatepark Los Reyes, seen through the eyes of two stray dogs, Chola and Football.


    • Anand Patwardhan
    • 2018

    A broad-ranging examination of Indian society, where secular rationalists are hunted down as they attempt to stem the rising tide of religious and nationalist fundamentalism.

    Stones Have Laws

    • Van Brummelen & De Haan
    • 2018

    While the world of the Surinamese Maroon community unfolds majestically, together with the spirits of the nature around them they fight the multinationals.

    Up the Mountain

    • Yang Zhang
    • 2018

    Artist Shen Jianhua gives drawing lessons in a remote mountain village, shown in stunning compositions and colors—every frame is a painting.

    ‘Now something is slowly changing’

    • mint film office
    • 2018

    A bold documentary in a measured style about the modern-day quest for meaning and personal growth.