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    Documentary art across diverse disciplines. IDFA DocLab Spotlight contains projects by established makers and surprising new talents, as well as special research projects.

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    Accused no. 2: Walter Sisulu

    • Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte
    • 2018

    Audio recordings of the notorious Rivonia Trial in South Africa in 1964 come to life in this black-and-white animated VR experience. On-site reservation required.

    Algorithmic Gardening

    • Shannon McMullen, Fabian Winkler
    • 2018

    This multimedia installation follows the hardy soybean on its journey from garden to dinner plate, escorted by robots.

    Algorithmic Perfumery

    • Frederik Duerinck
    • 2018

    Based on the visitor's personal data, an algorithm compiles a unique fragrance that is generated on site.


    • Lynette Wallworth
    • 2018

    Technology and transcendence merge in this VR experience transporting you to the Yawanawá in the Amazon. Your guide is the community’s first female shaman. On-site reservation required.

    [The Brain]

    • Orion Maxted
    • 2018

    Discover what it’s like to be part of a collective brain: a self-organizing, complex system that generates autonomous output.

    Die with Me

    • Dries Depoorter
    • 2018

    A chat room app for smartphone users with less than 5% battery life on their phone, on their way to offline peace. 

    Eye of the Dream

    • David OReilly
    • 2018

    An immersive audiovisual experience that transports you through the entire development of the universe, in a play of geometric shapes combining chaos and order.

    False Mirror

    • Ali Eslami
    • 2018

    This ever-growing VR city is a laboratory in which its creator Ali Eslami explores our possible futures in completely virtual worlds. On-site reservation required.

    Half Life VR

    • Robert Connor
    • 2018

    This immersive VR recording plunges us into a rhythmic “cyborg choreography” shown from 60 different angles. On-site reservation required.

    £¥€$ (LIES)

    • Alexander Devriendt
    • 2017

    An interactive theater experience that puts you in the place of the super-rich one percent for a single night, calling all the shots in our economy.


    • Taj Hughes
    • 2018

    Play with your digital food to your heart's content in this intentionally purposeless game about culinary aesthetics—and no need to worry about clearing up afterwards.


    • Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva
    • 2018

    Music and its source of inspiration converge in this mesmeric VR recording of Giacinto Scelsi’s notoriously difficult orchestral work about an ancient Mayan sacred place. On-site reservation required.


    • Thijs Biersteker
    • 2018

    In this multi-sensorial dream journey that raises existential questions, artist Thijs Biersteker confronts us with the unexplored beauty outside our information bubble.