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    During IDFA, Oxfam Novib presents three of the most captivating films from IDFA 2019 at Oxfam Novib Selections, each covering an urgent social theme. After the screenings you can stay seated for a Doc Talk: an in-depth discussion with filmmakers or experts. Get your tickets (available from €8.50) in advance.

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    The Forum

    • Marcus Vetter
    • 2019

    Every year, the international elite gather at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to talk privately about global issues. Marcus Vetter was the first filmmaker to be granted behind-the-scenes access.


    • Claudia Sparrow
    • 2019

    A big goldmine in Peru wants to expand operations, and that would mean swallowing up the little plot of land belonging to Máxima. But she’s not about to go down without a fight. With impressive tenacity she battles it out against greed and corruption.


    • Sung-A Yoon
    • 2019

    How do you protect yourself against sexual harassment? How do you react to an abusive boss? In the Philippines, prospective housekeepers participate in role-playing games to learn how to deal with their wealthy and demanding future employers.