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    How are we managing our humanity with all the technology, and the rhythm of our lives getting faster and faster? Filmmakers are examining life in a hyper-connected planet, the challenges of a 'smart' reality, and the ways we try to deal with our changing context.

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    Bellingcat – Truth in a Post-Truth World

    • Hans Pool
    • 2018

    A fascinating look at the network of citizen journalists known as Bellingcat, whose use of modern technology is smarter than that of many major news organizations.


    • Ewa Podgórska
    • 2018

    Disorienting images of a city blend with therapy sessions in which deep memories and emotions come to the surface. What kind of animal is the city?

    Earn a Living

    • Yuval Orr
    • 2018

    Seven documentaries about a universal basic income explore our relationship with work and money, from Kenya to the Netherlands and from North Carolina to Tokyo.


    • Virpi Suutari
    • 2018

    A portrait of two totally different Finnish companies: a plodding, traditional family business and an innovative young enterprise with international potential.

    Genesis 2.0

    • Christian Frei
    • 2018

    Exploring the legacy of the woolly mammoth. While hunters search for valuable tusks buried in Siberia, scientists attempt to clone this extinct animal.

    Leaked Recipes

    • Gabriela Ivens
    • 2018

    Recipes that have been crowdsourced from leaked emails are served up, along with the story of their origin and a discussion about internet privacy. On-site reservation required.

    £¥€$ (LIES)

    • Alexander Devriendt
    • 2017

    An interactive theater experience that puts you in the place of the super-rich one percent for a single night, calling all the shots in our economy.

    ‘Now something is slowly changing’

    • mint film office
    • 2018

    A bold documentary in a measured style about the modern-day quest for meaning and personal growth.

    The Panama Papers

    • Alex Winter
    • 2018

    Investigative journalism doesn’t get more exciting than this: a backstage look at the work that produced the sensational revelations from the Panama Papers.


    • Ben Asamoah
    • 2018

    An unbiased behind-the-scenes look at internet scamming in Ghana, where con artists cheat wealthy Westerners to escape poverty.


    • Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
    • 2018

    A disturbing but beautiful visual meditation on “swatting,” a gaming phenomenon in the borderland between virtuality and reality.