Lovers, Rebels, and Skateboarders

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    Teenagers and university students have carried the torch of rebellion throughout contemporary history. This did not change in the 21st century. See today's younger generation as it tries to find its place in various contexts in China, the US, South Africa, France, Denmark, and Russia... who are they? What are they up to?

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    Don’t Be a Dick About It

    • Benjamin Mullinkosson
    • 2017

    An affectionate portrait of the extraordinary bond between two brothers. Each has his own obsessions, but their friendship is unconditional.

    Everything Must Fall

    • Rehad Desai
    • 2018

    In 2015, an initially peaceful student protest in South Africa escalated when the board of Wits University called in a large police force.

    Hey, Bro!

    • Aleksandr Elkan
    • 2018

    Two young friends test the boundaries of the civilized world on an alcohol-fuelled trip that connects a succession of summer nights.

    The Land of Peach Blossoms

    • Mingying Zhou
    • 2018

    A unique live-event restaurant in Chongqing holds a mirror to China. How long will the staff submit to the company philosophy with its authoritarian collectivism?

    Los Reyes

    • Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
    • 2018

    The life of some tough teenagers at the Chilean skatepark Los Reyes, seen through the eyes of two stray dogs, Chola and Football.

    Quand tout le monde dort

    • Jérôme Clément Wilz
    • 2018

    Filmmaker Jérôme Clément-Wilz takes us into the heart of a group of friends who organize underground parties in Paris.


    • Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis
    • 2018

    A disturbing but beautiful visual meditation on “swatting,” a gaming phenomenon in the borderland between virtuality and reality.

    Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains

    • David Verbeek
    • 2018

    In the vast city of Chongqing, a new generation of rappers try to keep expressing themselves after tough new censorship from the government.

    The Two of Us

    • Emil Næsby Hansen
    • 2018

    This moving and intimate portrait of two Danish teenagers captures every confusing, numbing, attractive and repulsive moment of first love.