Going to School

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    Schooling is at the heart of all these films. School pupils and teachers in Afghanistan, newly arrived students in the Netherlands, the school challenges of a special kid in South Korea, those learning to become nurses in France—the list goes on. There's also the experience of being deprived of a school, due to harsh geography in the north of Siberia, or due to the government punishment of a dissident parent, as is the case with Anni.

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    Angels Are Made of Light

    • James Longley
    • 2018

    A finely-balanced portrait of contemporary Afghanistan, featuring recollections, misgivings and ambitions expressed in a variety of voices.


    • Rikun Zhu
    • 2018

    A powerful cinema verité documentary about 10-year-old Anni, who gets banned from school because of her father’s resistance to the repressive Chinese regime.

    De chaque instant

    • Nicolas Philibert
    • 2018

    Nicolas Philibert follows nursing students to reveal the huge pressures and responsibilities that weigh on their young shoulders.

    How Big Is the Galaxy?

    • Ksenia Elyan
    • 2018

    Zakhar is a seven-year-old boy living in the remote north of Siberia. This year, a teacher is moving in with his family to homeschool him.

    Junha’s Planet

    • Hyung-sook Hong
    • 2018

    A tender and beautifully observed portrait of Junha, a sullen boy whose classmates avoid him because he might spit or throw punches at them without warning.

    Skip and the Rhythm Rangers

    • Olivier S Garcia
    • 2018

    Dance is the most important thing in 14-year-old Skip’s life—even if that means being teased by classmates who think dancing is for girls.

    To Be Continued

    • Ivars Seleckis
    • 2018

    This Latvian take on the Up series follows five children with different backgrounds in various parts of the country, over the course of their first year in school.

    You Are My Friend

    • Petra Lataster-Czisch, Peter Lataster
    • 2018

    A heartwarming film about the ups and downs of six-year-old Branche from Macedonia, as he learns to make friends at his new Dutch school.