Health is not Everything

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    Life with a serious health challenge is not easy. Yet humans are stronger than they think. The experiences of different individuals are shared through these films: trying to help a wonderful boy with behavioral issues survive school; trying to overcome a drug addiction; trying to find a meaning to your life with disability; surviving female genital mutilation; then also the stories of those who would like to help, such as nursing students.

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    De chaque instant

    • Nicolas Philibert
    • 2018

    Nicolas Philibert follows nursing students to reveal the huge pressures and responsibilities that weigh on their young shoulders.

    Fantasy, Fantasy

    • Kaspar Astrup Schröder
    • 2018

    How does it feel to have autism? Twin 11-year-olds Molly and Smilla offer funny, moving and inspiring perspectives on their world.

    In Search...

    • Beryl Magoko
    • 2018

    Director Beryl Magoko seeks the advice of fellow survivors of female genital mutilation. Can reconstructive surgery help to heal her traumas?

    Junha’s Planet

    • Hyung-sook Hong
    • 2018

    A tender and beautifully observed portrait of Junha, a sullen boy whose classmates avoid him because he might spit or throw punches at them without warning.


    • Helena Třeštíková
    • 2010

    An uncensored account of 14 years in the life of a young Czech woman, caught in an uphill battle to get off heroin.

    My Name Is Daniel

    • Daniel Gonçalves
    • 2018

    A coming-of-age story full of humor, self-reflection and maternal love, in which the director goes in search of the cause of his physical disability.


    • Didier Cros
    • 2018

    Five people with disfigured faces have their portraits taken at a famous photographic studio. The results are confronting for viewer and subject alike.


    • Arthur Pratt
    • 2018

    A collective in Sierra Leone filmed during the 2014 Ebola crisis, in which thousands of people died, and emergency workers risked their lives to help the people of their country.