Roy Seerden selects 9 films from the IDFA collection

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    Filmmaker Roy Seerden chooses films that touch on life in the night: the freedom that goes with it, but also the loneliness and vulnerability. Just like in his graduation film At Midnight Plays a Dance Tune (IDFA 2018), the films in Roy's selection will take you from one experience to the next. Read the whole story on Roy's selection and watch the films below.

    Want to see Roy's film At Midnight Plays a Dance Tune on the big screen? Come to Cinema DS x IDFA on April 17! This screening is part of three special film evenings at De School.

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    The Birds Are Silent in the Forest

    • Tim De Keersmaecker
    • 2007

    Subdued circular narration about a warehouseman escaping everyday life by taking his hunting rifle and going to the woods.

    Brilliant Noise

    • Semiconductor
    • 2006

    A sweltering animation with satellite images of the sun.


    • William Fairman, Max Gogarty
    • 2015

    A deep plunge into London’s gay scene, where synthetic drug-induced sex parties are causing an alarming rise in HIV transmission and drug addiction.

    The Ghost of Piramida

    • Andreas Koefoed
    • 2012

    Three members of the Danish band Efterklang record sounds for a new album in Pyramiden, an attractive abandoned Soviet mining town.

    In the Basement

    • Ulrich Seidl
    • 2014

    Austrians live out their unrestrained obsessions in their basements: the venue for swastikas, shooting ranges, sadomasochism, opera singing, poisonous snakes and model trains.


    • Joerg Wagner
    • 2006

    An ode to a vanishing fairground attraction for real men.

    A Strange Love Affair with Ego

    • Ester Gould
    • 2015

    Fascinated by her sister Rowan’s self-confidence, Ester Gould explores our narcissistic society, with alarming results.

    Three Poems by Spoon Jackson

    • Michel Wenzer
    • 2003


    • Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
    • 2017

    View one of IDFA's films against a small fee from the 2017 selection. Michael Glawogger’s sublime swan song is a trip to an unknown destination. The locations and impressions are fascinating, but also alienating.