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    All of Me

    • Susan Koenen
    • 2012

    Diede and Emma share everything with each other. Everything? Well, almost everything. Because Diede has a secret: she's clairvoyant.

    Anna's Story

    • Nienke Eijsink
    • 2009

    Anna is a teenager who copes with the loss of her mother by emulating pop idol Britney Spears, who does everything Anna wouldn't do herself.

    Boy Cheerleaders

    • James Newton
    • 2010

    It's not always easy for England's first all-boy cheerleading team in the run-up to the national championships.

    Danny's Parade

    • Anneke de Lind van Wijngaarden
    • 2007

    Because life is boring for young gays, Danny arranges a boat for teenagers during the Amsterdam Canal Parade. Not everyone appreciates his initiative.

    Drona & Me

    • Catherine van Campen
    • 2009

    Drona and I is a portrait of autistic Hindu boy Drona. We'll be watching him through the eyes of Arjun, his elder brother, and so a lovingly double-portrait is formed.


    • Angello Faccini, Guille Isa
    • 2018

    Dulce is terrified by her first swimming lesson, but swimming is an essential life skill in her Colombian coastal village.

    Education, Education

    • Weijun Chen
    • 2012

    Director Chen Weijun uses three stories of young Chinese people to tell a bigger story about the country's failing education system.

    Flying Anne

    • Catherine van Campen
    • 2010

    Eleven-year-old Anne is a cheerful girl who occasionally struggles with her Tourette syndrome: sometimes she spins in circles, or she has to lick everything in sight.


    • Rashid Ghazi
    • 2011

    Ramadan is well underway, and at Fordson High School, where 95% of the students are of Arab origin, the football team is preparing to face off against archrival Dearborn High.

    Frame 394

    • Rich Williamson
    • 2016

    A young Canadian man entangles himself in one of the most high-profile police shootings in the U.S., when he posts his own 3-D analysis of the event on the Internet.


    • Alberto Iannuzzi, Dan Jawitz
    • 2005

    A spectacular stream of images of nature, people and cities in modern-day South Africa, edited to the music of Cape Town-based musician Campbell Burns.

    I Feel...

    • Elsbeth van Noppen
    • 2010

    Ten-year-old Robert and seven-year-old Jasmijn see and feel more than others. In a natural environment, they talk openly about their experiences.

    Joe's Violin

    • Kahane Cooperman
    • 2016

    A Holocaust survivor donates his violin to a girl from a destitute neighborhood in New York, and the instrument offers her a new opportunity in life.

    Kids Rights: Anna

    • Ayfer Ergün
    • 2010

    Although child labor is prohibited, nine-year-old Anna goes to work rather than school, just like 50,000 other Albanian children.

    Kids Rights: Boglárka

    • Nora Ruszkai
    • 2011

    The documentary series 'Kids Rights' focuses on cases of children whose rights are not ensured. Boglárka is a blind girl that lives in the countryside of Hungary. Four times a year she has to go all the way to Budapest to prove that she's still blind.

    Kids Rights: Gabriel

    • Iris Kleinsman, Yvonne Roerdink
    • 2012

    In this episode from the Kids' Rights series, we meet funk-loving 11-year-old Gabriël from Rio de Janeiro. His father is dead because he was a drug criminal.

    Let Me Go Home

    • Chiel Aldershoff
    • 2009

    Fourteen-year-old Sietske has been in a youth detention facility for 18 months. Soon, the day will come that she will be allowed to go outside.

    Little Miss Piggy

    • Ellen Vloet
    • 2013

    Eleven-year-old Brechtje lives on a pig farm, but she dreams of life in the big city.


    • Neske Beks
    • 2012

    Welcome to the world of nine-year-old Mookie, secret agent by trade. He catches the crooks everywhere, even in the hospital.

    My Silicone Love

    • Sophie Dros
    • 2015

    A sincere and touching portrait of Everard, a middle-aged man who loves his 12 silicon dolls as if they were real women.

    Nettiquette afl. 1 - Vriendschap

    • Mea Dols de Jong
    • 2017

    Nettiquette afl. 2 - Liefde

    • Mea Dols de Jong
    • 2017

    Episode from a web series on the unwritten rules of social media.

    Nettiquette afl. 3 - Haataccounts

    • Mea Dols de Jong
    • 2017

    Nettiquette afl. 4 - Broeders en Strijders

    • Mea Dols de Jong
    • 2017

    Episode from a web series on the unwritten rules of social media. Dutch spoken.

    Nettiquette afl. 5 - Instafamous

    • Mea Dols de Jong
    • 2017

    Episode from a web series on the unwritten rules of social media. Dutch spoken.


    • Niki Padidar
    • 2015

    Ninnoc doesn’t like cliques, but she doesn’t want to be excluded, either.


    • Daniel Sivan, Dorit Tadir
    • 2005

    The Israeli fence, running straight through the Omar family's backyard, prevents 13-year-old Ishaq from playing soccer on the village square with his friends.

    On the Way to School

    • Özgür Dogan, Orhan Eskikoy
    • 2008

    This documentary spends a year following a young Turk who teaches in a remote Kurdish village.

    Operation Jane Walk

    • Leonhard Müllner, Robin Klengel
    • 2018

    The digital war zone of a shooter game provides the setting for an architectural tour of a post-apocalyptic New York.

    Personal Truth

    • Charlie Lyne
    • 2017

    A short, essayistic film about the powerful influence of fake news. Just how convincing are conspiracy theories?


    • Billy Pols
    • 2009

    The Dutch-Moroccan Nassim is a skater who dreams of becoming a pro – even though he knows Moroccans are supposed to like football and kickboxing.

    Play for Keeps

    • Arnold van Bruggen
    • 2011

    A summery portrait of eight-year-old marble players Sieme and Bence, who "play for keeps" in an exciting schoolyard game.

    Poison Fire

    • Lars Johansson
    • 2008

    Due to the disastrous consequences of oil drilling in the Niger Delta, the local population wants to impose stricter environmental regulations on the multinational giant Shell.

    The Queen

    • Manuel Abramovich
    • 2013

    Memi is around 11 years old, and she's going to be Queen of the Carnival. It's a dazzling honor, but you have to suffer to be beautiful.

    Surviving in NL: Raw

    • Anneloek Sollart
    • 2008

    A portrait of 11-year-old Tom, the first and only child in the Netherlands who only eats raw food.

    Radio Amina

    • Orlando von Einsiedel
    • 2011

    At the fictitious radio station Radio Amina, the 12-year-old Nigerian street peddler Amina can get everything off her chest that she normally wouldn't dare say.

    Raised by Krump

    • Maceo Frost
    • 2016

    A fascinating and gorgeous journey into krumping, the street dance with which dancers channel their anger and frustration.

    Scenes from a Dry City

    • François Verster, Simon Wood
    • 2018

    Cape Town’s acute water crisis illustrates the differences within South African society, in a film that’s as visually stunning as it is urgent.

    Skip Day

    • Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan
    • 2018

    On Skip Day, the seniors at Pahokee High School in Florida head for the beach to spend a final day together before a new life begins.

    Spitting Ink

    • Ralph de Haan, Lars Siemens
    • 2009

    A stylized portrait of seven NY-based artists who are part of the worldwide underground phenomenon called spoken word, depicting why poetry is a vital written and oral tradition.

    That's Wicked!

    • Joycelyn Lee
    • 2012

    Passionate young Singaporeans introduce us to the world of beatbox: the techniques, their motivations and their competition.

    The Hanging

    • Geoffrey Feinberg
    • 2016

    Nineteen-year-old Kirill hangs out on the rooftops of apartment blocks, where his brazen stunts have earned him the nickname “Russian Spiderman.”

    True Love in Pueblo Textil

    • Horatio Baltz
    • 2017

    Nine-year-old Maribel explains to us how it feels to be stricken with the world's oldest infliction: love.


    • Rishi Chandna
    • 2018

    A documentary comedy in which a pet rooster turns the domestic life of a family living in a small Mumbai apartment upside down.

    Unearthing the Pen

    • Carol Salter
    • 2009

    A young Ugandan boy desperately wants to read and write. But fears his forefathers curse on education is the reason why he cannot go to school.

    We Are Boys

    • Tomas Kaan
    • 2009

    An ode to boyhood. Two close friends reflect on the permanence of friendship, with the departure of one to high school in sight.

    12 Notes Down

    • Andreas Koefoed
    • 2008

    The star of the young boy's choir, Jorgis must come to terms with his changing voice and the adulthood that comes with it.


    • René van Zundert
    • 2018

    Struggling to find his way through life’s ups and downs, Jose wants to be the best stunt cyclist in Rotterdam.