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    Founded in 2005, Java Films rapidly established itself as one of Europe’s leading independent distributors, providing pre-sales and distribution to documentaries. We pride ourselves on our strong, personal relationships with our producers and clients and place this at the centre of everything we do.

    At Java, we’re passionate about stories that explain the big issues of tomorrow. We only work with non-fiction and specialise in current affairs investigations, human rights, history and environmental films. Our boutique feature department takes on 6 – 8 feature documentaries a year, while our TV department works with approximately 60 – 80 titles per year.

    Our priority is to ensure that our films are widely seen and accessible to everyone. To that end, Java is divided into three departments, which work closely together. Our festival department focuses on securing suitable premieres and a long, non-theatrical run for our films. This typically runs for 12 – 36 months and is made up of both festival, non-theatrical and company screenings. Our digital department concentrates on placing films on all types of VOD platforms, as well as managing social media marketing and working with designers and outreach teams to create suitable artwork and visual assets. Meanwhile, our sales department works on securing TV broadcasts, educational deals and inflight sales, through output deals and detailed market knowledge.

    In 2021, our documentaries screened at 150 festivals around the world, winning 32 awards & 5 special mentions.

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    Atomic Hope: Inside The Pro-Nuclear Movement

    • Frankie Fenton
    • 2022

      Atomic Hope follows a tiny global movement of unpopular pro-nuclear activists, who strongly believe we need nuclear power to decarbonize our energy systems, before catastrophic climate change occurs.

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      Cryptoqueen: The OneCoin Scam

      • Johan von Mirbach
      • 2022

        In 2014, a new cryptocurrency was unveiled: OneCoin. In fact, it was a giant ponzi scheme. In this film, close friends and colleagues of Ruja Ignatova tell this unbelievable story from the inside.

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        Musk vs Bezos: The New Star Wars

        • Agnès Hubschman
        • 2022

          Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, the two richest men in the world are engaged in a vicious space race that has implications for us all. How far will this intensive commercialization of space go?

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          Robin Bank

          • Anna Giralt Gris
          • 2022

            Want to know how to steal half a million euros from thirty-nine different banks to fund social causes? Robin Bank - the story of a man who did this and how.

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            Ukraine: The Road To War

            • Anne Poiret
            • 2022

              We trace the geopolitical history of the Ukrainian conflict from 2014 onwards, uncovering its roots in history. This documentary will also tell the story of civilians in Donbas.

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              Words of Silence

              • Gaël Faye, MICHAEL SZTANKE
              • 2022

                French soldiers based in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide stand accused of raping the women who sought refuge with them. A reflection on the power of words, on the weight of silence.

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