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    Did you know that, for several years now, we have a collection of IDFA films and new media projects you can watch online? If not, we invite you to take advantage of it now. Within the Netherlands there are about 300 titles available for free. Outside the Netherlands there are almost 200. All we do is collect films and projects from previous festival editions on our website, because we think they should be seen. Quarantine or no quarantine. Happy watching!

    A heartfelt thank you to all the filmmakers who made their film available.

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    Midnight Traveler

    • Hassan Fazili
    • 2019

      Under the threat of being killed by the Taliban, an Afghan family of filmmakers attempts to travel to Europe illegally. They document the dangerous journey with their cell phones.

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      El mar la mar

      • Joshua Bonnetta, JP Sniadecki
      • 2017

        Watch for a small fee (not available in Canada and the USA): In the Sonoran Desert, thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants have died since the 1990s. A political and social documentary of this region as a poetic nature film. 

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        How Big Is the Galaxy?

        • Ksenia Elyan
        • 2018

          Zakhar is a seven-year-old boy living in the remote north of Siberia. This year, a teacher is moving in with his family to homeschool him.

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          My Olympic Summer

          • Daniel Robin
          • 2007

            Filmmaker Daniel Robin re-evaluates 8mm films of his parents' marriage against the background of unearthed archive footage and his own failed marriage.

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            The Queen

            • Manuel Abramovich
            • 2013

              Memi is around 11 years old, and she's going to be Queen of the Carnival. It's a dazzling honor, but you have to suffer to be beautiful.

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              Holy Cow

              • Imam Hasanov
              • 2016

                Tapdyg’s revolutionary idea to buy a European dairy cow sparks unrest in his tiny, remote village.

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                Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

                • Alex Gibney
                • 2012

                  A thrilling, quick-cut debate on how capitalist America lost balance, and how lobbyists became the most powerful people in Washington.

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                  • Nara Normande
                  • 2018

                    Filmmaker Nara Normande uses a remarkable blend of animation techniques to recall happier times on the beaches of her childhood. 

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                    Cats in Riga

                    • Jon Bang Carlsen
                    • 2014

                      This view of the Latvian capital through cats’ eyes and ears adds a new dimension to news reports.

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                      Dear Araucaria

                      • Matt Houghton
                      • 2015

                        John Graham created cryptic crosswords for The Guardian for over 50 years. During his terminal illness, he used the puzzles to communicate with his fans.

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                        • Aleksandra Maciejczyk
                        • 2018

                          Krysztof goes skiing with his wife in a film that gives heartwarming meaning to the expression “trusting each other blind.”

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                          Skip Day

                          • Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan
                          • 2018

                            On Skip Day, the seniors at Pahokee High School in Florida head for the beach to spend a final day together before a new life begins.

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                            • Avi Mograbi
                            • 2008

                              An intentionally jumbled "musical-documentary-tragedy" about a young Israeli soldier who seeks forgiveness for an act of retribution that he was involved in.

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                              Double Take

                              • Johan Grimonprez
                              • 2009

                                The Cold War, Hitchcock, and the rise of television are ingeniously interconnected in this elegant collage of news, advertising, and film footage.

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                                In the Absence

                                • Seung-Jun Yi
                                • 2018

                                  A powerful and meticulous reconstruction using authentic footage of the sinking of the Korean ferry Sewol, in which more than 300 passengers and crew members died.

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                                  An Insignificant Man

                                  • Khushboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla
                                  • 2016

                                    The spectacular rise of the Common Man’s Party. The party logo, a broom, symbolizes their battle against the political establishment in India.

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                                    Checks and Balances

                                    • Malek Bensmaïl
                                    • 2015

                                      A nice observation of daily life in an Algerian newsroom, where the country’s political reality is conveyed with talent, intellect and humor.

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