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    To help us navigate uncertain times, we present a selection of films that prompt us to experience life in motion, where the destination is secondary to life in the present and the landscapes that pass us by. The process of the journey is an opportunity to know better who we are, our mettle being tested by the passage through time and space. When familiarity and certainty no longer hold us in a comforting embrace, there is nowhere else to go but forward. Even as we remain in physical stillness, we are, in a more profound sense, embarking on the road to a new future, and it is more difficult than ever to see where we are going from where we stand.

    In this selection you will find some linear and some interactive content, with some free to access at no cost and some paid. Please note that some projects are accessible from within the Netherlands only.

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    1 the Road

    • Ross Goodwin
    • 2018

      Watch for a small fee: “Automatic writing” will never mean the same thing again, now that artificial intelligence has written the book 1 the Road—using a car as its pen.

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      • Mohammad Ali Hashemzehi
      • 2011

        In the scorching desert of Balochistan, where only the wind drowns out the sluggish roaring of the dromedaries, shepherd Kannar contemplates his love-hate relationship with his favorite dromedary. 

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        Bear 71

        • Jeremy Mendes, Leanne Allison
        • 2012

          Wildlife in Banff National Park from the perspective of a grizzly bear and that of the park rangers watching her 24 hours a day.

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          El mar la mar

          • Joshua Bonnetta, JP Sniadecki
          • 2017

            Watch for a small fee (not available in Canada and the USA): In the Sonoran Desert, thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants have died since the 1990s. A political and social documentary of this region as a poetic nature film. 

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            Faces Places

            • Agnès Varda, JR
            • 2017

              Watch for a small fee (available in the Netherlands only): A heartwarming road trip through France with filmmaker Agnès Varda and photographer JR, using remarkable images to bring stories and memories to life.  

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              Midnight Traveler

              • Hassan Fazili
              • 2019

                Under the threat of being killed by the Taliban, an Afghan family of filmmakers attempts to travel to Europe illegally. They document the dangerous journey with their cell phones.

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                Nothing Is Going to Happen

                • Roeland van Doorn
                • 2013

                  The artist Roeland van Doorn plucks unencrypted signals from security cameras and uses them to create an impression of clandestine surveillance in the Netherlands.

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                  Soul Patron

                  • Frederik Rieckher
                  • 2010

                    An interactive journey through Japan in 34 scenes about Mizuko Jizô, the Buddhist protector of deceased children.

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                    Travel in G Major

                    • Georgi Lazarevski
                    • 2006

                      Watch for a small fee (not available in the USA): Director Georgi Lazarevski films his grandfather on a trip through Morocco, a journey that this elderly man could only dare to dream of for many years. The change of surroundings gives rise to melancholy thoughts and surprising discoveries.

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                      • Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
                      • 2017

                        Watch for a small fee (not available in some regions): Michael Glawogger’s sublime swan song is a trip to an unknown destination. The locations and impressions are fascinating, but also alienating.

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                        Winter Nomads

                        • Manuel von Stürler
                        • 2012

                          Watch for a small fee (available in the Netherlands only): A special road movie about two shepherds who must brave the elements during their four-month journey through the border region of Switzerland and France with 800 sheep in tow.

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