Life in Europe

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    To mark Europe Day (May 9, 2020), IDFA has teamed up with De Groene Amsterdammer and selected six documentary films. Together, these films tell the story of how this old continent is wrestling with recent problems. In the eyes of refugees, Europe is still a paradise that promises security, freedom and happiness. But from a political and economic perspective, this paradise is starting to crack. Read the article from De Groene about the selection here, and watch the films below.

    We made this collection in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation.

    Items in this selection

    4.1 Miles

    • Daphne Matziaraki
    • 2016

    Ride along with Lesbos coast guard captain Kyriakos and his fellow coastguardsmen, who save thousands of refugees from the sea each day.

    The Border Fence

    • Nikolaus Geyrhalter
    • 2018

    In precisely composed shots, Nikolaus Geyrhalter explores the few square kilometers around the Brenner Pass, telling an urgent story about Europe in the process. (Available in the Netherlands only)

    Four Horsemen

    • Ross Ashcroft
    • 2011

    Neo-capitalism is showing signs of wear and tear. Twenty-three thinkers shed light on the matter and provide solutions for the failures of this economic model.

    Golden Dawn Girls

    • Håvard Bustnes
    • 2017

    Nazi ideology is kept alive by the unshakeable conviction of the women behind Golden Dawn. A disturbing portrait of the Greek political party. (Available in Benelux only)

    Stranger in Paradise

    • Guido Hendrikx
    • 2016

    A political essay on the absurd dilemmas presented by asylum policies. In a classroom, migrants’ illusions are dashed against the rocks of European arrogance. (Available in Europe only)

    The Swedish Theory of Love

    • Erik Gandini
    • 2015

    The Swedes forgot one thing when they were arranging their perfect society. A provocative portrait of a nation of loners. (Watch for a small fee. Unavailable in some regions)