Srebrenica is Dutch History

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    July 11th, 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide. IDFA, at the invitation of and together with the Bosnian Girl collective, has put together a film program that explores this tragic history from different social and cultural perspectives. It is a history that cannot be considered remote or disconnected; Srebrenica is a critical part of the Netherlands' contemporary history too.

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    A Cry from the Grave

    • Leslie Woodhead
    • 1999

    A reconstruction of the massacre of more than 7,000 Muslims in Srebrenica in July 1995.


    • Heddy Honigmann
    • 1999

    The music they played in various conflict areas around the world triggers Dutch UN soldiers to talk about their personal experiences.

    The Fog of Srebrenica

    • Samir Mehanovic
    • 2015

    Survivors of the siege of Srebrenica talk about the events leading up to the mass murder of 8,372 Bosnian men.

    Good Husband, Dear Son

    • Heddy Honigmann
    • 2001

    The way Bosnian women commemorate their husbands, sons, brothers and fathers murdered during the war, reveals their strong bond with the deceased.

    Serbian Epics

    • Pawel Pawlikowski
    • 1992

    ‘Women don’t wage wars’, Radovan Karadzic’s mother says when her son comes to visit her and tells her about the military situation in Bosnia. A little later, SERBIAN EPICS shows a meeting of the Bosnian-Serbian war cabinet, in which the now notorious Ratko Mladic and Biljana Plavcic are seated. Initially, the tone of this portrait of Karadzic - psychiatrist, poet, businessman and leader of the Bosnian Serbs - is light-hearted, but gradually a shady world of power and delusion emerges. Without comment, with an almost anthropological eye, director Pawel Pawlikowski observes the besiegers of Sarajevo. The Serbian cultural heritage - centuries-old songs and poems - is used to justify the new ethnic struggle, and Karadzic loves to recite poetry.

    The Trial of Ratko Mladić

    • Henry Singer, Rob Miller
    • 2018

    The trial of General Ratko Mladić, through the eyes of prosecutors, defense attorneys, genocide survivors and Mladić's supporters.