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    Lightdox is a Swiss-based international sales and distribution agency representing powerful documentary storytelling. We are passionate about high-quality author-driven documentaries with a distinctive cinematic language and emotional impact. We tend to each film and partner with individual approach and support filmmakers every step of the way, through festival, theatrical and non-theatrical distribution, marketing and outreach campaigns. Our portfolio shines with noteworthy documentaries such as Paris Calligrammes by Ulrike Ottinger (Berlinale Camera Award 2020), The Witches of the Orient by Julien Faraut (IFFR 2021), Looking for Horses by Stefan Pavlovic (Visions du Réel winner 2020), Il mio corpo by Michele Pennetta (ACID Cannes 2020), and Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege by Abdallah Al-Khatib (ACID Cannes 2021).

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    Looking for Horses

    • Stefan Pavlovic
    • 2021

      In this personal experiment in film, Stefan Pavlović uses his camera to bridge the gaps between language, hearing, and verbal communication. A stutterer seeking connection, he befriends a deaf and nearly blind hermit in Bosnia.

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      Little Palestine, Diary of a Siege

      • Abdallah Al Khatib
      • 2021

        This insider’s report shows how a Palestinian refugee camp in a district of Damascus withstands Assad’s siege. As well as hunger and stampedes for scarce aid packages, there is pride, singing, and children’s dreams.

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        Penelope, My Love

        • Claire Doyon
        • 2021

          For 18 years, director Claire Doyon has been filming Pénélope, her daughter with autism.

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          The Witches of the Orient

          • Julien Faraut
          • 2021

            Journey to meet the former players of the Japanese women’s volleyball team. Now in their 70s, they used to be known as the ‘Witches of the Orient’.

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