VR performances

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    Explore the boundaries of physical connection and enter new virtual worlds in a variety of social VR experiments.

    Onderdeel van VR Performances.

    All Kinds of Limbo, XR Broadcast

    • Toby Coffey
    • 2020

      An intimate musical journey using immersive techniques to celebrate live performance, drawing inspiration from the Caribbean influence on British music through genres such as reggae, grime, and calypso.

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      Camp Century

      • Anrick Bregman
      • 2020

        It sounds like science fiction: a military camp with its own nuclear power plant, deep under the ice of Greenland. But the U.S. underground army base Camp Century really did exist. In this VR game/podcast you explore the camp and meet its people.

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        • Ali Eslami
        • 2020

          Alless and Lena can’t see each other—only the trails they leave. But these two radically different entities get to know one another by following and analyzing these traces. A live VR performance that gives a radical new meaning to diversity.

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          • Matt Romein, Lydia Jessup
          • 2020

            Choose a “tourist avatar” and follow the tour guides to explore the highlights of the social VR platform VRChat. Along the way you’ll learn about the culture of virtual role-playing, digital identities, and the history of online social spaces.

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