10 Nederlandse documentaires

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    Nederland heeft een rijke documentairetraditie. Grote beeldbepalende namen uit het verleden als Joris Ivens, Bert Haanstra en Herman van der Horst zijn nog altijd een grote inspiratie voor hedendaagse documentairemakers over de hele wereld. En Nederlandse makers van nu als Michiel van Erp, Ester Gould en Heddy Honigmann zijn nog altijd graag geziene gasten op IDFA om hun nieuwste films in première te laten gaan.

    De IDFA Collection bestaat uit een groot aantal documentaires die het werk van Nederlandse makers laten zien om zo een kijkje te geven in de diversiteit en rijkdom van de Nederlandse documentairegeschiedenis. Hieronder vind je een selectie van tien bijzondere films van Nederlandse makers die de afgelopen jaren op het festival in Amsterdam te zien waren en die nu gratis of voor een klein bedrag online te zien zijn.

    André Hazes - She Believes in Me

    • John Appel
    • 1999

      A portrait of the Dutch singer André Hazes (1951-2004) at the height of his fame.

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      Episode 3 - 'Enjoy Poverty'

      • Renzo Martens
      • 2009

        While traveling throughout Congo, Renzo Martens tells the locals that they can earn money off their poverty, just like the international poverty fighters do.

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        I Am a Woman Now

        • Michiel van Erp
        • 2011

          A portrait of several first-generation transsexuals, all old women now. Did their sex change operation change their lives as they had hoped?

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          The New Rijksmuseum - The Film

          • Oeke Hoogendijk
          • 2014

            An exciting report from behind the closed doors of the major renovation of the famous Dutch museum, which took a total of 10 years.

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            Once the Dust Settles

            • John Appel
            • 2019

              Life was good in Amatrice (central Italy), Aleppo and Chernobyl until disaster struck. The survivors have resumed their lives, and now give sightseers guided tours of the devastation.

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              De stad was van ons

              • Joost Seelen
              • 1996

                DE STAD WAS VAN ONS sketches the rise and fall of the Amsterdam squatters' movement between 1975 and 1988. By showing highlights from the 'history of squatting' the film describes the movement's development, with the goals and strategies changing through the years. Many long-time activists saw squatting as a way to denounce the capitalist system. The relative ease with which buildings could be squatted in made the movement grow rapidly. As an increasing number of people got involved with the squatters' movement, internal conflicts arose over the desired goals and strategies. The growing repression by the government, who vacated properties by strong force if need be, fuelled this internal discord. The 'hard core' of the movement wanted to fight the government and its representatives with violence, but the less militant members rejected these ideas about waging an urban guerilla. The repression and disagreement eventually resulted in a powerless movement, whose members were mainly occupied with fighting each other.

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                Those Who Feel the Fire Burning

                • Morgan Knibbe
                • 2014

                  An unconventional, poetic documentary about a serious social problem: the many refugees who end up in a hopeless situation on the borders of Europe.

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                  Anton Corbijn Inside Out

                  • Klaartje Quirijns
                  • 2012

                    Over a period of four years, director Klaartje Quirijns fostered an intimate relationship with renowned photographer Anton Corbijn, resulting in this revealing portrait.

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                    How to Meet a Mermaid

                    • Coco Schrijber
                    • 2016

                      In an essay-like reflection on the beauty and destructive power of the ocean, filmmaker Coco Schrijber investigates the disappearance of her brother.

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