Focus Program: Around Masculinity

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    From the alpha male to toxic masculinity, the focus program Around Masculinity interrogates the problematic social construct that is masculinity from a variety of perspectives. The curated section homes in on a blind spot in film history, inviting audiences to take a hard look at their heroes by re-reading classics. Other themes explored include fragile masculinity, masculinity seen through its relation to religion and nationalism and institutional domination of women by men. More titles to be announced.

    Films in this section

    12th & Delaware

    • Rachel Grady, Heidi Ewing
    • 2010

      In Fort Pierce, Florida, women who’ve decided to terminate their pregnancy might accidentally step into the anti-abortion Pregnancy Care Center opposite the abortion clinic. A shocking and sometimes absurd look at two contrasting worlds.

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      The 3 Rooms of Melancholia

      • Pirjo Honkasalo
      • 2004

        Shot in St. Petersburg, Grozny and Ingushetia, this multilayered, poetic film in three chapters reflects a range of fundamental human feelings and mental states that war invokes.

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        Bitch Academy

        • Alina Rudnitskaya
        • 2007

          How should a young woman with big ambitions survive in the new Russia? The answer is Bitch Academy, a course for the most determined gold diggers. With merciless candor, this short film provides a jarring portrait of a society adrift.

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          Burden of Dreams

          • Les Blank
          • 1982

            A disconcerting account of the insane circumstances surrounding the filming of Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo. Set up as an ethnographic chronicle, this documentary shows us the real Herzog, hysterically defying the impossible.

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            Der Busenfreund

            • Ulrich Seidl
            • 1997

              A portrait of a former math teacher with a passion for women with large breasts. His explanation of the mathematical laws of sine and cosine merges into a paean to female curves.

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              • Heddy Honigmann
              • 1999

                Dutch U.N. soldiers speak about their experiences in various conflict areas around the world. The vehicle for their recollections is the music they played at the time, which has become forever tied to their memories of war.

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                Erase and Forget

                • Andrea Luka Zimmerman
                • 2017

                  An intimate portrait of James “Bo” Gritz, the most decorated US veteran of the Vietnam War, and the inspiration for Rambo. He exposes the interlocking dynamics of Hollywood’s fictional battlefields and America’s secret wars.

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                  Father, Son and Holy War

                  • Anand Patwardhan
                  • 1994

                    A daring two-part documentary that explores the notion of manhood as it relates to violence, religious traditions, the Hindu-Muslim conflict and the Bombay Riots in the early 90s.

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                    Meet Marlon Brando

                    • Albert Maysles, David Maysles
                    • 1966

                      Marlon Brando shows his most charming and most reticent side in an session with journalists. Demonstrating how the actor resists the interview format, Direct Cinema pioneers David and Albert Maysles also call into question the phenomenon itself.

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