Focus Program: The Future Tense

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    As humanity finds itself in a time of great change, is it possible to already see the future in what surrounds us now? Always lying beyond reach, the future occupies a central place in our imaginations, orienting our sense of the world and helping us make meaning from the here and now. Taking this precipice as a starting point, The Future Tense presents a mosaic of cinematic reflections and contemplations of the future, exploring what might lie beyond the vanishing point. Filmmaking is a precious yet powerful tool here to comprehend the abstraction of what is yet to happen, and the potential of the documentary art form, composed of images of past and present, to peer over the horizon of time. More to be announced.

    Films in the selection


    • Viera Čákanyová
    • 2009

      A defiantly independent woman films her life in Prague with great humor and self-deprecating insight. She has Alzheimer’s disease and sometimes thinks she’s living under Communism, with a secret agent for a neighbor.

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      • Abbas Kiarostami
      • 1989

        The way society educates its members says a lot about that society. In interviews with six-year-old schoolchildren filmed in Iran in 1989, during the bloody war with Iraq, a picture emerges of corporal punishment, indoctrination, and constant uncertainty.

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        Homo Sapiens

        • Nikolaus Geyrhalter
        • 2016

          There’s not a soul to be seen in this intriguing sequence of abandoned locations. Through long, static shots the film confronts us with the vulnerable and ephemeral nature of our existence.

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          How to Live in the Federal Republic of Germany

          • Harun Farocki
          • 1990

            An absurdist dissection of West German society: In 32 scenes, we see citizens attending workshops and training courses, methodically preparing for every possible situation in life.

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            I’m So Sorry

            • Zhao Liang
            • 2021

              A prophetic panorama of nuclear power, with unexpectedly poetic moments. Moving encounters with returned residents offer a human counterweight to the silent threat of nuclear disaster areas.

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              Lumumba: Death of a Prophet

              • Raoul Peck
              • 1990

                A groundbreaking, personal analysis of the way politicians and the Western media manipulated the public image of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, who was murdered in 1961.

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                Perfumed Nightmare

                • Kidlat Tahimik
                • 1977

                  A Filipino jeepney driver wants to become an astronaut in America in this groundbreaking feature film, a fusion of comedy and social criticism that was ahead of its time in its dismantling of imperialism, post-colonialism, and consumerist society.

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                  State of Dogs

                  • Peter Brosens, Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh
                  • 1998

                    The soul of the stray dog Baasar is free to roam in this poetic travelogue played out around the smoky cities and untamed steppes of Mongolia. Music, myth, social commentary, and philosophical reflections all blend together in this singular film.

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                    Two Minutes to Midnight

                    • Yael Bartana
                    • 2021

                      Might female leaders be able to turn the tide in these times, when the world is in danger of being obliterated by hotheaded men? It’s a question that is gaining ever more complex layers in this tantalizing blend of fiction and political debate.

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                      Wild Relatives

                      • Jumana Manna
                      • 2018

                        In a vault in Spitsbergen, Norway, seeds from Lebanon have been stored for years. Now some are returning to be re-sown in the Beqaa Valley. The journey of these seeds exposes tensions between industry and biodiversity, and between state and individual.

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