8 documentary films about feminism

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    Feminism exists in many waves and forms, and has a string of prejudices and cliches tied to each. Documentary filmmakers look beyond the stereotypes to demonstrate how feminism is constantly evolving and adapting to the times and its context. This IDFA collection consists of eight documentary films that depict feminism not only as activism, but also the personal stories that fuel the movement.

    From macho politics to fat shaming

    The role of women in Islam and the Arabic World is an important subject within contemporary feminism, as shown in A Balloon for Allah and In My Father’s House. Fat Front and Carne reveal how feminism is strongly related to current beauty ideals and the body positivity movement. Pussy versus Putin demonstrates the urgent need for an outspoken feminist movement in the face of macho politics.

    From the festival screen to your home cinema

    The IDFA Collection consists of a large number of documentary films that capture the importance and diverse expressions of feminism. Below you will find a selection of eight unique films that have screened at the festival in Amsterdam in recent years on the subject—now available online for free or for a small fee.

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    A Balloon for Allah

    • Nefise Özkal Lorentzen
    • 2011

      Tijdens fantasievolle zoektocht naar een antwoord hoe de rol van de vrouw in moslimculturen te verbeteren, ontmoet Noors-Turkse filmmaker voorvechters voor een liberale islam.

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      • Camila Kater
      • 2019

        Five women talk about about their relationship with their own body and how they experience the gaze of others. Their stories are strikingly visualized with the aid of various animation techniques.

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        Coco Cabasa

        • Klaartje Til
        • 2016

          In her free time, a university lecturer in gender studies teaches belly dance to women all over the world to free them from their inhibitions.

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          Fat Front

          • Louise Unmack Kjeldsen, Louise Detlefsen
          • 2019

            An optimistic portrait of four young Scandinavian women who start a body positivity movement. They carry their fat bodies with pride, and bid farewell to the self-hatred and guilt they have lived with for so long.

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            In My Father's House

            • Fatima Jebli Ouazzani
            • 1997

              Journalist Fatima Jebli Ouazzani looks back on her choice to reject traditional Moroccan marriage, which caused a permanent break with her father.

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              Pussy Versus Putin

              • Gogol's Wives Productions, Anonymous Anonymous
              • 2013

                A bleak record of the battle fought against Putin by the wild and anarchist female band Pussy Riot, from their first disruptive performances to scenes behind bars.

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                • Cris Lyra
                • 2019

                  A group of young lesbians from São Paulo travel to a remote beach to celebrate New Year’s. From their conversations, a picture of current Brazilian society emerges.

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                  She Breathes Water

                  • Penny Siopis
                  • 2019

                    In this associative collage of found footage, the poetic subtitles and soundscape of crackling ice add an extra layer of meaning to a warning packaged in symbolism. Mother Earth admonishes humanity.

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