Highlights of completed projects previously presented at IDFA DocLab Forum

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    Since 2007, the Forum has given space to documentary projects in the field of new media. These projects range from web-based docs, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence projects to installations, multimedia journalism, and everything else that tells a documentary story or explores unknown realities.

    Many of the projects pitched at IDFA Forum over the years have become classics of the burgeoning interactive and immersive documentary genre and below you will find some highlights of projects that were completed and showcased during IDFA.

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    • Jan Kounen
    • 2019

      What does Greenland sound like at temperatures well below freezing? Electronic musician Molécule went on a journey with his microphone and translated the surroundings into this partly realistic, partly hallucinatory short VR-film.

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      • Mika Orr
      • 2021

        A lighthearted web series taking a humorous and compassionate look at our desire to be seen as “normal.” Online interviews with people around the world explore the boundary between normal and deviant behavior.

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        24h Berlin - A Day in the Life

        • Volker Heise
        • 2009

          For a day and a night, 80 camera teams followed the adventures of various residents of the German metropolis.

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          Alma, a Tale of Violence

          • Miquel Dewever-Plana, Isabelle Fougère
          • 2012

            This interactive tablet documentary allows you to swipe back and forth between a no-frills presentation of the violent confessions of former gang member Alma and an alternate image stream that puts it all in context.

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            Cabinets of Wonder

            • Susanne Kim
            • 2021

              If childhood were a place, where would it be? Four children between the ages of 11 and 14 take us on a journey to their secret world.

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              Cosmic Top Secret

              • Trine Laier
              • 2017

                Solve puzzles and train military disciplines as a fragile paper agent "T" and find out what her dad did for the Danish intelligence during the Cold War. 

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                Do Not Track

                • Brett Gaylor
                • 2015

                  This personalized series on privacy shows who benefits from the online private data that we unthinkingly share every day with those out to make money off of us.

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                  Earn a Living

                  • Yuval Orr
                  • 2018

                    Seven documentaries about a universal basic income explore our relationship with work and money, from Kenya to the Netherlands and from North Carolina to Tokyo.

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                    From Zero - Italy

                    • 2009

                      Online platform webcasting daily episodes from the mountainous Italian region of Abruzzo, which focuses on its recovery from the huge earthquake it suffered six months ago.

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                      Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything

                      • 2009

                        An interactive documentary by the acclaimed French web documentary producer Alexandre Brachet.

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                        • Felix Gaedtke, Gayatri Parameswaran
                        • 2021

                          In this VR experience you get to speak out and join the campaign to revitalise Kusunda, one of the many dormant indigenous languages across the world.

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                          • Ali Eslami, Mamali Shafahi
                          • 2019

                            Through an archive of online media curated by the online persona nerd_funk, this VR experience in two chapters attempts to get a grip on our omnipresent digital culture and its influence on our physical lives. On-site reservation required.

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                            Prison Valley

                            • David Dufresne, Philippe Brault
                            • 2010

                              This web documentary on the prison industry is a road movie with interactive potential.

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                              • Marcel van Brakel, Mark Meeuwenoord
                              • 2021

                                This VR experience for multiple users and multiple senses transports you to a post-human future in which Homo sapiens have been absorbed into a biotope teeming with mixed life-forms: human, animal, and technological hybrids.

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                                Under the Skin

                                • João Inada
                                • 2020

                                  You find yourself ducking bullets in this immersive documentary about life in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most violent favelas. Although it’s a brutal place, the neighborhood also has resilient residents who keep working for a better life.

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                                  • Menno Otten, Tommy Pallotta, Geert van de Wetering, Jennifer Abbott, Rob Schröder, Benoit Detalle, Marija Jacimovic
                                  • 2013

                                    In this web documentary based on found footage, journalist Steven Poole explains at breakneck speed how the public debate is being corrupted with "unspeak."

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