Out of this world!

    • set 5 documentaries

    The IDFA Bertha Fund has concluded the February selection round. Twelve documentaries from countries including Egypt, India, South-Africa, Iran and Argentina will be supported. Watch a selection of previous supported films from these countries, like My Name is Salt.

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    Documentaries in this selectie

    My Name is Salt

    • Farida Pacha
    • 2013

    A careful observation of the labor-intensive process of salt production in an Indian desert, where repetitive operations and events take on a ritualistic character.

    The Devil's Lair

    • Riaan Hendricks
    • 2013

    A confronting and intimate cinema verité portrait of the aging South African drug dealer Braaim, who must face a turf dispute with rival gangs and a marital crisis. 

    Nose, Iranian Style

    • Mehrdad Oskouei
    • 2005

    Why are nose jobs so hyped in Iran and what does it say about Iranian youth and society?

    Unit 25

    • Alejo Hoijman
    • 2008

    A special unit in an Argentine prison, where the Bible and belief in God are leitmotifs for everyday life.

    Mother of the Unborn

    • Nadine Salib
    • 2014

    Hanan has spent 12 years trying to become a mother. From serious operations to terrifying rituals, she will try anything to make her dream come true.