• set 18 documentaries

    Om het sportgevoel onder leerlingen aan te wakkeren selecteerden we op Docschool Online zeventien aan sport gerelateerde documentaires.

    Documentaries in this selectie

    Autumn Gold

    • Jan Tenhaven
    • 2010

    Five elderly European athletes prepare for a competition in Finland. Although they are all rather long in the tooth, they all want to win a gold medal.


    • Mirjam Marks
    • 2008

    Mike en Tim practice parkour. They use the concrete surroundings, the city, in order to go from A to B as quickly as possible.

    Boy Cheerleaders

    • James Newton
    • 2010

    It's not always easy for England's first all-boy cheerleading team in the run-up to the national championships.

    Chellina / da Beast

    • Zoeteke Lugthart
    • 2014

    A portrait of 15-year-old Chellina Chirino, the four-time Dutch kickboxing champion who is having trouble finding suitable opponents.

    Gaea Girls

    • Kim Longinotto, Jano Williams
    • 2000

    Portrait of a rigorous training camp for Japanese professional female wrestlers.

    Giovanni and the Water Ballet

    • Astrid Bussink
    • 2014

    Giovanni’s dream is to become the first boy to compete in the Dutch synchronized swimming championship. He’s got just one more exam to go.

    I'm Never Afraid!

    • Willem Baptist
    • 2010

    Eight-year-old Mack was born with a heart defect and doctors thought that he would die. But this tough little guy is now a successful motocross rider.

    Kassim the Dream

    • Kief Davidson
    • 2008

    The improbable story of the Ugandan-born Kassim Ouma, who was forced to be a child soldier at the age of six and escaped to become a boxing champion in the United States.

    Light Fly, Fly High

    • Beathe Hofseth, Susann Østigaard
    • 2013

    A casteless Indian woman tries to box her way out of poverty, but her struggle for an independent life is hardest outside the ring.

    The Other Cup

    • Damian Cukierkorn
    • 2006

    A captivating portrait of the players on the Argentine team at the World Soccer Championships for homeless people in Sweden.

    Overleven in NL - Ik ben de beste

    • Boudewijn Koole
    • 2005

    A tranquil but also dynamic and probing portrait of a young Dutch-Moroccan boxer who wants to become the world champion, whatever the cost.


    • Billy Pols
    • 2009

    The Dutch-Moroccan Nassim is a skater who dreams of becoming a pro – even though he knows Moroccans are supposed to like football and kickboxing.

    Play for Keeps

    • Arnold van Bruggen
    • 2011

    A summery portrait of eight-year-old marble players Sieme and Bence, who "play for keeps" in an exciting schoolyard game.

    School Full of Fish

    • Margot Schaap
    • 2014

    Thirteen-year-old Hugo’s fascination for deep-sea fish and talent for diving help him find his footing in his new surroundings: high school.


    • Roy Westler
    • 2005

    A 17-year-old Arab-Israeli world karate champion struggles with her Israeli team mates, her origins and the conservative ideas of her relatives and fiancé.


    • Edward Cook
    • 2015

    A talented, headstrong, sassy girl’s search for her own place in the boy-dominated world of skateboarding.

    Solo, de wet van de favela

    • Jos de Putter
    • 1994

    Two young Brazilian soccer players from the slums of Rio want to become professional players. One of them is the now famous footballer Leonardo.

    Suburban King/Top-girl

    • Aakash Bhatia
    • 2015

    A documentary about a gigantic human pyramid at the Dahi Handi festival in India. The highest boy is fearless, the young girl on his shoulders even more so.