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    The films of Iranian-Canadian filmmaker, journalist and human rights activist Maziar Bahari (Tehran, Iran, 1967) provide a detailed picture of modern-day Iran and Iraq.

    Bahari emigrated to Canada in 1988, where he studied communications. After his first documentary, The Voyage of the St. Louis (1995), Bahari went to work as a reporter in Iran, including as a correspondent for Newsweek. He was arrested in Iran in 2009 and forced into a confession on TV that he collaborated with American spies - in part because of an interview in the satirical program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. In 2011, Bahari published his book Then They Came for Me, which he used as the basis for his documentary Forced Confessions (2012) and which Jon Stewart made into the feature fiction film Rosewater (2014). In 2007, Bahari was guest of honor at IDFA. He put together a Top 10, gave a masterclass and presented a retrospective of his films, which deal with political issues as well as Iranians' love for art and football.

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    The Voyage of the Saint Louis

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 1995

    Chronological reconstruction, including lots of archive materials and interviews with survivors, of the tragic boat trip with which a thousand Jews thought they would escape Nazi Germany.

    Forced Confessions

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2012

    A voyage through the history of forced confessions in Iran, based on the stories of filmmaker Maziar Bahari and others. He was forced to make a false public confession in 2009.

    Of Shame and Coffins

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2001

    While HIV-infected people in Kwazulu-Natal keep silent about their disease for fear of expulsion, abuse and murder, the undertakers continue to prosper.


    • Maziar Bahari
    • 1998

    A group of artists turn a building in Teheran that is due for demolition into an art gallery.

    Paint! No Matter What

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 1999

    (Self-)portrait of the Iranian painter Khosrow Hassanzadeh, who chats with customers in his greengrocery and interviews his family about his art.

    Football, Iranian Style

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2001

    This portrait of Iranian soccer fans shows a cross-section of society: from infatuated girls and ex-soldiers to Iranian immigrants in Germany.

    And Along Came a Spider

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2002

    Director Maziar Bahari interviews the 39-year-old serial killer Saeed Hanaei, who murdered 16 prostitutes in the Iranian city of Mashad.

    Mohammad and the Matchmaker

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2003

    Iranian Mohammad is a former heroin addict and an HIV patient, two big taboos in Iran, who is helped by his doctor to find a bride.

    4 Short Stories on Iraq

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2004

    Four short documentaries contain images we usually do not get to see on our newscasts and current affairs programmes.

    Targets: Reporters in Iraq

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2005

    Bahari, who worked in Iraq for three years, interviews war reporters who perform their job under the growing threat of kidnapping and violence.

    4 Short Films on Iraq - Sistani, Losing Faith, Greetings from Sadr City, Shia-istan

    • Maziar Bahari
    • 2007

    Four reports that depict everyday life, political and religous issues in war-stricken raq.