Welcome to summer camp!

    • set 5 documentaries

    For countless kids, summer isn’t really summer without a summer camp. These five films are about special kinds of summer camps, like a Jesus camp or a military youth camp in Russia. And the political youth camp on Utøya, which six years ago ended in a massacre.

    Documentaries in this selectie

    Summer with Anton

    • Jasna Krajinovic
    • 2012

    A portrait of a Russian boy named Anton, who lives with his grandmother and plays soldier during summer vacation at a military camp for kids.

    Jesus Camp

    • Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
    • 2006

    An American summer camp prepares the children of evangelists for their role in a political movement that strives to abolish the separation of church and state.

    The World Before Her

    • Nisha Pahuja
    • 2012

    The methods for training women competing for the Miss India title contrast sharply with the training of fundamentalist Hindu girls.


    • Sjoerd Niekamp
    • 2014

    Going to scout camp for the first time is pretty intense. It’s hard to survive, but fortunately Johan has an ace up his sleeve: Rambo.


    • Kari Anne Moe
    • 2012

    The first steps into politics of four ambitious Norwegian school students, before and after right-wing extremist Breivik murdered dozens of young people.