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Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is on this week. With six IDFA-documentaries, screened at Melkweg Cinema, among which The Sound of Belgium. It showcasts Eddy de Clercq, the dj who single-handedly brought house music to the legendary Roxy en the Netherlands. He chose five musical documentaries from IDFA's online collection, such as Beats of the Antonov.

Eddy de Clercq on his pick for this set:

Iomax the Songhunter: "Alan Lomax is one of the godfathers of field recordings, travelling the world to find and record long forgotten music. As such, Lomax' greatest legacy is in preserving and publishing recordings of musicians in many folk and blues traditions around the US and Europe. An important documentary to say the least."

Charles Bradley: Soul of America: "R.I.P. Charles Bradley (November 5th, 1948 - September 23rd, 2017).
The voice may have gone yet the song remains..."

Beats of the Antonov: "This documentary is of an unusual beauty. We are witnessing the fact that despite the threat of death and destruction, people continue to make music, sing and dance according to their ancient traditions. Really very moving and inspiring."

A Band Called Death: "Long before The Ramones or The Sex Pistols, this black band played its own version of 'white hard rock' in Detroit, Michigan in 1971!  A Band Called Death is the story of three brothers playing punk music at a time when Johnny Rotten was still in diapers, contrary to the popular belief that all black music coming out of Detroit was Motown or soul music. A stunning documentary on musicians who never gave up their ideals or musical identity. Not even when the band was boycotted by the music industry for their name 'Death'."

Keith Richards: Under the Influence: "Ever since I grew up in the 1960's, I have been a great lover of the music of The Rolling Stones. Still, The Stones keep the traditions of black America alive with their own vision on blues, rhythm & blues and rock-'n-roll. Bad boy Keith Richards tells that story in a personal, enchanting way. The devil may care but The Stones are Forever!"

On Eddy de Clercq

Eddy De Clercq (Ghent, Belgium 1955): first Dutch House DJ, co-founder, creative director and DJ at Club RoXY, popcorn DJ (Belgium 1976-1977), promotor of parties and events including the famous Disco Parties in the Brakke Grond (1977-1980) and the Miranda-bad, both in Amsterdam. De Clercq initiated nightclub De Koer in 1981 as a permanent base to showcase a whole new form of nightlife: a club with an eclectic mix of punk, new wave, disco, early electro and random noise, as well as a stage for young bands from the Ultra scene to perform live.
In 1983 De Clercq started the Pep Club, a monthly dance event in Paradiso (1983-1986) after which he founded Club RoXY in 1986. When he left RoXY in 1991 the club had already established itself as a national and international phenomenon, a temple of House music that was a playground for the international and local party- and dj-scenes. 

De Clercq followed his international reputation and took residencies in clubs like Mars, Red Zone in NYC (1990-1991) and Club Cocorico in Riccione, Italia where he took a residency at the end of 1991 to stay for 4 years. While working as a resident dj in Italy, he travelled the world extensively to work as a guest-dj at raves like Mayday, numerous clubs throughout Europe and international tours for Heineken/Bintang (1999-2000) for which he produced a very well received compilation CD -The Millenium Mix- that won triple platinum status for worldwide sales.

That same year De Clercq won a Golden Harp, Holland's most prestigious musical award for his merits. He resigned as a House DJ to focus on his work as a producer of his own music that was released on labels like R&S, Go Bang, Blue Note and his own imprint Aspro Records. At present time, his producer activities are centred around his label Testlab Records. Testlab stands for a blend of musical style, exploring adventurous escapades in electronic music.

His latest milestone has been reached with publishing his autobiography Let The Night Never End, which De Clercq wrote with journalist Martijn Haas . The book was published by Lubberhuizen in November 2015.

De Clercq is also known as a fanatical collector of vinyl - particularly African music - He writes about it on his blog Soul Safari and publishes long forgotten South African music via his Ubuntu Publishing record label. 

Currently the weblog ‘Het Archief Van Eddy De Clercq’ is his latest publication for VPRO Vrije Geluiden. 

Items in this selection

Iomax the Songhunter

  • Rogier Kappers
  • 2004

    Roadmovie looking for the roots of Alan Lomax, collector of folk music, incorporating accounts by relatives, friends, colleagues and folk singers.

    More info

    Charles Bradley: Soul of America

    • Poull Brien
    • 2012

      Sixty-two year old former James Brown impersonator is filmed preparing his own immensely successful debut soul album.

      More info

      Beats of the Antonov

      • Hajooj Kuka
      • 2014

        Traditional music gains new meaning in the Sudanese war: it keeps the people alive, literally and figuratively.

        More info

        A Band Called Death

        • Jeff Howlett, Mark Covino
        • 2012

          In this unparalleled family saga, the Hackney brothers were already playing down-and-dirty punk rock in the early 1970s, long before the genre was invented.

          More info

          Keith Richards: Under the Influence

          • Morgan Neville
          • 2015

            Keith Richards is filmed while recording his latest solo album Crosseyed Heart and speaking enthusiastically about his musical influences.

            More info

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