DocLab: Uncharted Rituals exhibition

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    The DocLab: Uncharted Rituals exhibition presents the latest and best interactive documentaries, games and audio experiences. Immerse yourself in the VR Cinema, play with bizarre AI experiments or go completely offline with internet pioneer and Top 10 curator Jonathan Harris.

    Admission free

    Opening hours
    Thursday 16 to Saturday 25 November 9:00–23:00
    Sunday 26 November 9:00–18:00.
    Free daily guided tour.

    On site reservation may be required and some installations have varying opening hours.
    Read more here.

    Flemish Arts Center De Brakke Grond (Nes 45)

    Items in this selection


    • Lucile Cossou, Gabriel Dalmasso, Rémy Bonté-Duval, Théo Le Du Fuentes, Bram Loogman, Joaquin G Wall, Sara Kolster, Nirit Peled, Dries Depoorter, David Surprenant, Nicolas S. Roy, David Mongeau-Petitpas, Marc-Antoine Jacques, Juo-Hsin Chen, Julia Irwin, Rebecca Lieberman, Ifeatu Nnaobi
    • 2017

    60 seconds: that’s the maximum length of each of these 10 web-based interactive experiences, which you can open up on your smart phone wherever and whenever you choose.

    {The And} VR

    • Topaz Adizes, Alex Suber
    • 2017

    Watch a gripping conversation in VR between a mother and daughter as they answer a series of confrontational questions. On-site reservation required.

    • Andrew Wong, James Thompson
    • 2016

    A funny, moving and confrontational interactive collage of snapshots from thousands of YouTube films that are rarely or never viewed.


    • Gina Kim
    • 2017

    These South Korean streets in 360 degrees may come across as calm and serene at first, but they actually hide lurid and brutal indifference. On-site reservation required.

    BotStory: The Futurist Cookbook

    • Klasien van de Zandschulp, Emilie Baltz
    • 2017

    Become a co-writer of The Futurist Cookbook. A chatbot will match you with a mystery chef to write a collaborative futurist recipe.

    Bury Me, My Love

    • Florent Maurin
    • 2017

    In this surprising, interactive smartphone app, you play Majd from Syria, whose young wife is trying to escape to Europe.

    The Cave

    • Qi Zhao
    • 2017

    An overwhelming VR experience that gives the sensation of exploring one of the stunningly painted Mogao caves in China. On-site reservation required.

    Dance Tonite

    • Jonathan Puckey, Roel Wouters for Moniker, Jeff Nusz
    • 2017

    Dancing fans of LCD Soundsystem determine the content of this dynamic music video for the song "Tonite." On-site reservation required.

    Deep Down Tidal

    • Tabita Rezaire
    • 2017

    Internet isn’t in the air, but rather in 880,000 kilometers of fiber-optic cables on the ocean floor that trace old communication routes.


    • David OReilly
    • 2017

    Whoever you are, whatever you are and where ever you are, you're in the middle. That's the game.

    Ex Nihilo

    • Timo Wright
    • 2017

    This contemplative installation zooms in on three companies trying to exercise control over—or even overcome—life and death.

    Greenland Melting

    • Catherine Upin, Julia Cort, Nonny de la Peña, Raney Aronson-Rath
    • 2017

    Let two NASA scientists show you around Greenland. Why have the glaciers been melting so fast over the past 15 years? On-site reservation required.


    • Paisley Smith, Jam3, NFB
    • 2017

    A moving virtual reality story in a world of delicately folded paper, about a Canadian family and their unexpected experience with a Japanese exchange student. On-site reservation required.

    I Swear to Tell the Truth

    • Anagram
    • 2017

    This interactive tour combining audio guide, documentary and physical experience prompts participants to consider their personal perception of truth. On-site reservation required.

    It Must Have Been Dark By Then

    • Duncan Speakman
    • 2017

    Follow your instincts: that’s the advice during this audio tour, in which a map without roads leads you to your own significant places. On-site reservation required.


    • Ella Rubeli, Boris Etingof, Kylie Boltin
    • 2017

    An interactive documentary that debunks one of Australia’s first fake news stories by exposing the Aboriginal version of events.

    The Last Chair

    • Jessie van Vreden, Anke Teunissen
    • 2017

    In a satisfyingly calm 360-degree documentary, we are silent witnesses of solitary rural lives as they draw to an end. On-site reservation required.


    • Lauren McCarthy
    • 2017

    Lauren McCarthy attempts to win back control from technology by making herself into a human smart home system.

    Learning to See: Hello World!

    • Memo Akten
    • 2017

    An interactive installation that shows how machine learning works by rapidly comparing patterns and distilling an image from them.


    • Shehani Fernando
    • 2017

    A dive into the head of an asylum seeker, experiencing an interview with an immigration official as a nightmare. On-site reservation required.

    Patent Alert

    • Sander Veenhof
    • 2017

    Experience what the smart glasses of the future will offer. Are we actually heading in the right direction? On-site reservation required.

    Potato Dreams

    • Wes Hurley
    • 2017

    Images of melancholy, fear and love from the Soviet Union surround us in this theatrical and intimate VR documentary. On-site reservation required.

    A Thin Black Line

    • Douglas Watkin, Oscar Raby, Vernon Ah Kee
    • 2017

    This interactive VR experience follows five-year-old Patima’s perspective as she flees the violence of war. On-site reservation required.

    Trophy Camera v0.9

    • Dries Depoorter, Max Pinckers
    • 2017

    An A.I. driven photo camera that can only make award winning pictures. Test it yourself.


    • Caitlin Robinson, Ziv Schneider
    • 2017

    Created with 3D printing, 12 miniature portraits of New Yorkers who live alone offer a cross-section of the single occupant household, currently the dominant mode of living in Manhattan.

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