Deckert Distribution

    • set 11 documentaries

    Deckert Distribution is a world sales company for documentaries and stands for excellent, director-led, award-winning films, such as the Oscar nominated "Rabbit a la Berlin" by Bartek Konopka and Piotr Rosolowski, "Recipes for Disaster" by John Webster, "Canned Dreams" by Katja Gauriloff, ¡Vivan las Antipodas! by Victor Kossakovsky, No Burqas Behind Bars by Nima Sarvestani, Sundance winner The  Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear by Tinatin Gurchiani, and Pipeline by Vitaly Mansky.

    Documentaries in this selectie

    Anne Clark – I’ll Walk Out Into Tomorrow

    • Claus Withopf
    • 2017

    The film chronicles the work of the English poet and spoken word-artist Anne Clark. Shaped by punk she pioneered electronic music with her pre-techno classics "Sleeper In Metropolis" and "Our Darkness" and hugely impacted generations of musicians.

    Berlin Rebel High School

    • Alexander Kleider
    • 2016

    Germany's most unusual high school has no headmaster, no hierarchy and no pressure. This Berlin based school is entirely organized by its students without any outside funding. The adult pupils pay their own teachers and decide what they want to learn.

    Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

    • Joakim Demmer
    • 2017

    Why would a country with millions of citizens dependent on food aid lease its arable land to foreign investors? An investigative documentary about food insecurity and land grabbing in Ethiopia.

    Happy Winter

    • Giovanni Totaro
    • 2017

    Italians on vacation at the seaside: sunbathing, dancing, singing, playing. Can they manage to put the financial crisis out of their minds?

    Little Yellow Boots

    • John Webster
    • 2017

    Filmmaker John Webster sets out on a road-trip with his imaginary great granddaughter in an attempt to understand the moral and behavioural choices that make tackling climate change so difficult.

    The Red Soul

    • Jessica Gorter
    • 2017

    Was Joseph Stalin a great leader or a ruthless dictator? An exploration of the psychological effects of Stalin’s regime on present-day Russian society.

    The Strange Sound of Happiness

    • Diego Pascal Panarello
    • 2017

    Diego Pascal Panarello’s personal journey from the torrid coasts of Sicily to the frozen flatlands of Yakutia in Siberia reveals the use, myths and legends of the mouth harp, spread throughout the world as a symbolic key that can open our mind and soul.

    Tarzan’s Testicles

    • Alexandru Solomon
    • 2017

    A film about utopias, a metaphoric drama that threads the similar destinies of monkeys and men.

    The Ugliest Car

    • Grzegorz Szczepaniak
    • 2017

    A witty, tender observation of a man who drives his 94-year-old mother around in a dilapidated Wartburg, rightly voted "ugliest car in Poland."

    Wonderful Losers: A Different World

    • Arunas Matelis
    • 2017

    Arunas Matelis followed the Sancho Panza's of professional cycling for 7 years during the prestigious „Giro d’Italia“ and reveals the unseen world of these wonderful losers running at the back of the race.

    Yves' Promise

    • Melanie Gärtner
    • 2017

    Dearly missed by his family in Cameroon, Yves Kamkoumi has spent eight years searching for a better future in Europe.