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    Founded in 2005, Java Films rapidly established itself as one of Europe’s leading independent documentary distributors, providing production support and distribution to both finished films and projects in development. In 2013, the company opened a separate department – Java Features – to handle its growing theatrical catalogue and in 2014 it opened a separate office in London. Their films include international Emmy winners and have been nominated for prestigious prizes like the Goyas or premiered at important festivals like Sundance, Tribeca or HotDocs. For general enquires please send a message to

    Documentaries in this selectie

    Beyond the Autism Spectrum : A Family’s Year Confronting Autism

    • Steve Suderman
    • 2017

    When their two-year-old son, Oskar, is diagnosed with severe autism, Carly and Stef drop everything for a year to focus on his treatment.


    • Lynn Zhang, Heather White for Heather White
    • 2017

    A Chinese activist with leukemia takes risks in struggling to help factory workers poisoned by the chemicals used to make cellphones and computers.

    Faith, Hope, Love: In Search of Russia's New Heroines

    • Katja Fedulova
    • 2017

    Russia, home of world-famous thinkers, poets and artists. Russia, battlefield of war, dictatorship and revolutions. 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the great revolution - but what is going on now? 

    The Ransom

    • Rémi Lainé
    • 2017

    The Ransom allows viewers to dive into the secret system of Kidnap & Ransom, designed by major insurance companies in response to the 30,000 kidnappings committed every year around the world.

    Silent War

    • Manon Loizeau
    • 2017

    Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, rape has been used as a tool of war by the Syrian regime: these women have decided to break the silence.

    When the Guns Go Silent

    • Natalia Orozco
    • 2017

    The FARC, the oldest guerrillas in the world, are finally taking the path of democracy, together with the Colombian government. How to achieve peace after 50 years of civil war?

    World Of Darkness

    • Giles Alderson , Kevin Lee
    • 2017

    ’World of Darkness: The Documentary’ profiles the cult role-playing games that created a phenomenon in the 1990s - a zeitgeist that helped shape film, literature, fashion and club culture.