Rise and Shine

    • set 10 documentaries

    Rise and Shine World Sales markets and sells outstanding documentary films to broadcasters and distribution channels around the world. We operate on a boutique size level, taking a maximum of 15 films per year. Often, these documentaries are debut films by talented directors & usually features that can target clearly identifiable audiences. We love to be moved, and we are interested in films that dare to be different. Strong storylines with a clear handwriting and purpose. Discoveries from all over the world. Universal topics seen from a personal or local perspective.

    Documentaries in this selectie


    • LOEKE DE WAAL , Steffi Posthumus for Loeke de Waal & Steffi Posthumus
    • 2016

    A critical look at the voluntourism “phenomenon” where expectations and reality often clash.

    Cause of Death: Unknown

    • Anniken Hoel
    • 2017

    After her sister died suddenly and unexpectedly while being treated with prescription antipsychotics, director Anniken Hoel begins a global investigation into the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry.

    The Inertia Variations

    • Johanna St Michaels
    • 2017

    Matt Johnson of legendary English band THE THE invites us and his listeners - inside his radio studio, where enlightened conversation is alive and kicking. But is he really done with making music?

    A Modern Man

    • Eva Mulvad
    • 2017

    Every note matters, every detail counts - perfection is not just an attitude!


    • Monika Hielscher, Matthias Heeder
    • 2017

    Science fiction turns into disturbing fact as forecasting software, algorithms and databases quickly become the new fortune-tellers for future crimes, driving us to ask: how much are we willing to abandon for the sake of security?

    The Russian Job

    • Petr Horký
    • 2017

    How car manufacturer Avtovaz reflects the paradoxical Russian character, much to the dismay of its new Swedish manager.


    • Mika Gustafson, Olivia Kastebring, Christina Tsiobanelis
    • 2017

    Swedish hip-hop artist Silvana Imam is a "power pussy" seeking to smash patriarchy with her anti-racist, feminist raps.

    Singled Out

    • Belen Sanchez for Suricata Stories, Mariona Guiu
    • 2017

    Being single and over thirty is no easy feat in a world where marriage remains the norm – this is a shared story of four educated women in four countries.

    A Six Dollar Cup of Coffee

    • Andres Ibañez Diaz Infante for Producciones En Stereo, S.A. De C.V., Alejandro Diaz San Vicente
    • 2017

    When an indigenous co-op of coffee producers in Chiapas, Mexico decides to attract new clients abroad to secure their business model, they are confronted with the harsh reality of the global coffee market.

    The Trial - The State of Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov

    • Askold Kurov
    • 2017

    An absurd and frightening Kafkaesque story about how filmmaker Oleg Sentsov became a victim of a ruthless state machine.