• set 6 documentaries

    Syndicado Film Sales is a Toronto based full-service world sales agency handling festivals, TV, theatrical, educational, DVD and digital sales worldwide.We are looking for auteur driven stories but are also interested in strong characters as well as topical subjects that convey an universal approach. We acquire 12 films per year.

    Documentaries in this selectie


    • Timothy George Kelly
    • 2017

    On or off. Yes or no. Leave or remain. Referendums divide and Brexit did so in a way never before in British history. 

    The Last Guardian

    • Dorottya Zurbó, Arun Bhattarai
    • 2017

    A love-filled portrait of a family in Bhutan. The daughter wants be a soccer pro, while the son has doubts about becoming a monk. 

    Nothing Like Before

    • Lukas Kokes, Klara Tasovska
    • 2017

    They're 19 years old and they're in a rut—four adolescents show their most vulnerable sides in this naturalistic portrait.


    • Daisy Asquith
    • 2017

    The recent history of attitudes to homosexuality in Britain, in a compelling montage of archive footage of sultry looks, worried parents, silent misery, beauty and struggle. 

    Taste of Cement

    • Ziad Kalthoum
    • 2017

    The impact of war as seen through the eyes of Syrian construction workers. Their own country lies in ruins, but they have no choice but to work on the rebuilding of Lebanon.

    A Woman Captured

    • Bernadett Tuza-Ritter
    • 2017

    A modern-day slave dreams of a different life. Through the presence of the filmmaker, she no longer feels alone and finds new courage.