Watch IDFA 2017 films online

    • set 7 documentaries

    IDFA 2017 is over, but the documentaries continue to roll. In our online collection you can find films which were screened at the past edition of the festival and watch them for a small fee. A few of those we collected in this set, among which Untitled - Michael Glawogger's stunning roadmovie and requiem. 

    Documentaries in this selectie


    • Laura Poitras
    • 2016

    Laura Poitras’s revealing portrait of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange details the degeneration of idealism into megalomania. 

    Piet Is Gone

    • Jaap van Hoewijk
    • 2017

    Piet Beentjes has been missing since 1987. Poor police work and bureaucratic failures give rise to more questions than answers.


    • Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi
    • 2017

    View one of IDFA's films against a small fee from the 2017 selection. Michael Glawogger’s sublime swan song is a trip to an unknown destination. The locations and impressions are fascinating, but also alienating.

    One of Us

    • Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady
    • 2017

    Three protagonists struggle for years to escape the extreme isolation of the Hasidic community for a life in the secular world.


    • Nele Eeckhout, Siona Houthuys, Mirke Kist
    • 2017

    Was Bob really the love of 84-year-old Elisa’s life, or is he the product of a faulty memory?

    The Act of Killing

    • Joshua Oppenheimer
    • 2012

    In this shocking and groundbreaking documentary, former death squad leaders dramatize their role in the mass murder of Indonesian communists in Hollywood genres of their choice.

    Burma VJ - Reporting from a Closed Country

    • Anders Østergaard
    • 2008

    With their cameras hidden in bags or clenched under their armpits, Burmese journalists report on the uprising against the dictatorship in September 2007.