What to watch after Wormwood?

    • set 6 documentaries

    So you've bingewatched Errol Morris' Netflix series Wormwood and are hungry for more. We're happy to oblige with a set of films you can watch online for a small fee, about mysterious disappearances, reconstructions and corruption. Plus a bona fide Morris classic.

    Documentaries in this selectie


    • Andrew Becker, Daniel Mehrer
    • 2016

    A true crime film investigating the mysterious disappearance of Dutchman Martin Verfondern in the Galician hamlet of Santoalla.

    Who Killed Chea Vichea?

    • Bradley Cox
    • 2008

    A shocking film about the corrupt legal machinery in Cambodia, which charged two innocent men with the murder of opposition leader Chea Vichea.

    Piet Is Gone

    • Jaap van Hoewijk
    • 2017

    Piet Beentjes has been missing since 1987. Poor police work and bureaucratic failures give rise to more questions than answers.

    Give Up Tomorrow

    • Michael Collins
    • 2011

    In 1997, Paco Larrañaga and six others from his town were arrested for the murder of a young woman without any evidence. His family is up against a thoroughly corrupt legal system.

    My Olympic Summer

    • Daniel Robin
    • 2007

    Filmmaker Daniel Robin re-evaluates 8mm films of his parents' marriage against the background of unearthed archive footage and his own failed marriage.


    • Errol Morris
    • 2010

    A vigorous portrait of the eccentric ex-model Joyce McKinney, who kidnapped her Mormon fiancé out of love and became a victim of the tabloids.