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    Duizenden leerlingen bezochten tijdens de schoolvoorstellingen van IDFA 2015 en 2016 het theater om te kunnen genieten van een selectie bijzondere jeugddocumentaires. Deze selectie is nu voor alle leerlingen in Nederland gratis in de klas te bekijken via Docschool Online.

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    • Nathalie Crum
    • 2015

    A graceful and intimate story about a 10-year-old girl grappling with the loss of her father and the fear that he’ll be forgotten.

    Suburban King/Top-girl

    • Aakash Bhatia
    • 2015

    A documentary about a gigantic human pyramid at the Dahi Handi festival in India. The highest boy is fearless, the young girl on his shoulders even more so.

    A Year Without My Parents

    • Els van Driel
    • 2015

    A Year Without My Parents tells the story of the twelve year old Tareq who had to leave Syria without his family. He is now waiting in Holland to be reunited with his parents and sister.

    Drona & Me

    • Catherine van Campen
    • 2009

    Drona and I is a portrait of autistic Hindu boy Drona. We'll be watching him through the eyes of Arjun, his elder brother, and so a lovingly double-portrait is formed.

    School Full of Fish

    • Margot Schaap
    • 2014

    Thirteen-year-old Hugo’s fascination for deep-sea fish and talent for diving help him find his footing in his new surroundings: high school.


    • Edward Cook
    • 2015

    A talented, headstrong, sassy girl’s search for her own place in the boy-dominated world of skateboarding.

    Solitary Plains

    • J. Christian Jensen
    • 2014

    James doesn’t go to school and is allowed to play videogames all day, while his father is at work in the oil fields. Sounds great! Or…?