Filmmaker Talk: Oeke Hoogendijk

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    Hans Beerekamp talks with Dutch documentary director Oeke Hoogendijk: an inspirational, hour-long conversation about her body of work, creative methods and views on documentary filmmaking, highlighted by excerpts from her films.

    Oeke Hoogendijk (1961) is an internationally acclaimed documentary maker. She studied at the Academy of Performing Arts (1990) and made her filming debut with the documentary The Saved (1998), which won the Dutch Academy Award “Het Gouden Beeld” of 1998 and the “Euro-Comenius Award” in Vienna (1999). Her second film, The Holocaust Experience (2002), had its premiere during IDFA 2002 and was selected for several festivals in Europe and the US. Over a period of ten years Hoogendijk followed the large-scale renovation of the world famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. She turned this material into a four-episode television series (episode 1 &2 in 2008 and episode 3 & 4 in 2013) and a long feature film for the big screen (2014). For this film she received a large number of prizes in the Netherlands and abroad, including the Golden Calf at the Netherlands Film Festival, the Jury Award at the Festival International du Film Montreal, the Prix D’Italia, and Best Dutch Documentary at IDFA 2014. Hoogendijk specializes in documentaries about art. They are often long-running projects with a cinematographic approach that involves capturing the content as much as possible in scenes.

    Oeke’s latest film, My Rembrandt, will premiere at IDFA this year. A fascinating insight into what makes the work of this Dutch master technically so extraordinary, and why different people are so deeply affected by his oeuvre, or a specific work.


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