Industry Session: Understanding the distribution landscape in China

    Getting your documentary out in China is not an easy task. What kind of documentaries can be shown where? Who do you need to know in and outside of China to successfully reach a Chinese audience? What are the possibilities to get your film on the big screen, platforms, and TV channels? What are the regional sensitivities and to what extend can filmmakers navigate restrictions? Jing Xu, Rediance Film, presents this wide landscape of territories, industry players, quotas, and content specificities to help you strategize on how to get your film out in China. 

    Established in Beijing in 2017, Rediance specializes in international sales, film production, and financing. With a global perspective, Rediance strives to discover filmmakers with original styles and bring the finest arthouse films to the international market. Films representing include Kabul, City in the Wind by Aboozar Amini, I'm so Sorry by Zhao Liang and A Marble Travelogue by Sean Wang.

    Speaker: Jing Xu (Festival and sales manager, Rediance)

    Moderator: Brigid O'Shea

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