Industry Session: One year later – Update on the VOD/OTT universe

    International and overseas streamers have started buying more Library and Currents, including across wider genres to meet consumer appetites and improve their competitive position. Various streamers have taken a step further, venturing into new production and funding or co-funding Originals. In this context, it might be the right time for you to look beyond your usual docs buyers/funders—and beyond just the Big Name streamers—to explore competitors and/or complementary VODs.

    Digital sector expert Wendy Bernfeld of Rights Stuff will give an updated overview of various platforms—looking beyond just the big 5-10 Netflix/Amazon types, across different licensing windows & business models (TVOD / SVOD / AVOD / etc.). She will also address more recent trends, such as OTT FAST (free, linear style) channels and other thematics—all with appetite for docs, indie film, and foreign language titles—who can be buyers of ready films/series, as well as funders/co-funders of Originals across different formats. Bernfeld will also highlight some pragmatics around outreach, rights, windowing, and deals.

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