DocLab Academy: Workshop Day at Lava Lab

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    A full day of hand’s on workshops by several professionals concerning theme’s such as XR, audio, AI, taking place at Lava Lab: a design and technology innovation lab in Amsterdam North that creates space for innovation and research in the fields of design, storytelling and technology. The day will be concluded by an official wrap-up moment in which we look back on the past five days and take a moment to discuss what was learned.  

    The DocLab Academy participants attend one of the following workshops:

    Crafting Your Story in Audio
    With: AudioCollective SCHIK
    How do you shape a real story with the tools of fiction, including cliffhangers and a subjective narrator? How do you build suspense in audio? After giving insights into their own proces, AudioCollective SCHIK will help you to record, write, edit and work on building suspense in audio yourself.  

    Predictive Text in a Creative Context
    With: Ross Goodwin
    This workshop will serve as an introduction to natural language processing, with a focus on creative applications of the technologies introduced. Using the Python programming language, participants will learn to program their own Markov chain predictive text machines, consider machine output and predictive text implementations in various creative context.

    Undefined Spaces: insights in making Interactive and Immersive contents
    With: Ali Eslami & Brian Chirls
    A workshop on the design and construction of interactive experiences in abstract, "undefined" spaces. Computer artist Ali Eslami and technologist Brian Chirls address creative and technical workflows, designing controls, representing bodies, and ethical issues of presenting non-fiction work through an unreal experience.

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