Filmmaker Talk: Arami Ullón

    Extensive conversation with Arami Ullón, director of Nothing but the Sun, the opening film of IDFA this year. IDFA's Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia will talk with her about her film, working methods, artistic choices, and views on filmmaking—highlighted by excerpts of her films. 

    Paraguayan-Swiss director Arami Ullón (1978) is writer, director, and producer of the award-winning documentary El Tiempo Nublado, which was selected for more than 70 international festivals and was the first Paraguayan entry for the Oscars. Ullón's work is strongly focused on Paraguayan reality. Nothing but the Sun is her second feature documentary, a project with which she previously participated in the IDFAcademy Summer School. The film lucidly contrasts the hot, arid atmosphere of Paraguay’s Chaco region with the devastating stories of the Ayoreo people, an Indigenous community violently uprooted from their ancestral territory by white missionaries. Between past and present, forest and desert, folk songs and church hymns, it lays bare the raw emotions of the human condition, seen through a culture on the brink of disappearing, but not without a voice.

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