IDFA Forum Day 2

    This year, 24 projects in all stages of production will be pitched in an online setting to a diverse panel of experts and potential co-production partners. Additionally, 10 projects in rough cut stage will have an online presentation, followed by a Q&A session with the moderator.

    On Tuesday November 17, the following 10 projects will be presented:

    14:10 Hide and Seek (Nascondino) (United Kingdom)
    Director: Victoria Fiore
    Production: Aleksandra Bilic and Jennifer Corcoran for My Accomplice  

    14:25 Apolonia, Apolonia (Denmark)
    Director: Lea Glob
    Production: Sidsel Lønvig Siersted for Danish Documentary 

    14:40 The Labudovic Reels (Serbia, France)
    Director: Mila Turajlić
    Production: Mila Turajlić for Dribbling Pictures and Carine Chichkowsky for Survivance   

    14:55 A House Made of Splinters (Denmark)
    Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont
    Production: Monica Hellstrom for Final Cut for Real 

    15:10 A Symphony of Noise (Germany)
    Director: Enrique Sánchez Lansch
    Production: Stefan Kloos for Kloos & Co. Medien

    15:25 Break with catch up rooms

    16:15 Song of Summer and Winter (Denmark, Germany)
    Director: Talal Derki
    Production: Sigrid Dyekjaer for Siggi Production and Heba Khaled for Jouzour Film Production UG 

    16:30 Angel - Diary of a Planned Death (Spain)
    Director: Fernando González
    Production: Laura Collado Bossi for Producciones del Barrio 

    16:45 Things We Said Today (Romania)
    Director: Andrei Ujica
    Production: Anamaria Antoci for Tangaj Production and Andrei Ujica for Modern Electric Pictures

    17:00 Karuara, People of the River (Peru)
    Directors: Miguel Araoz Cartagena and Stephanie Boyd
    Production: Stephanie Boyd for Asociación Quisca 

    17:15 Anchor Baby (United States)
    Directors: Ana Veselic and Jessica Chermayeff
    Production: Ana Veselic for Cousins, Jessica Chermayeff for Cousins and Isabel Castro 

    17:30 Catch up rooms

    Moderators of this session are Ido Abram, Isabel Arrate and Fleur Knopperts.

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