Quand tout le monde dort

  • Jérôme Clément Wilz
  • France
  • 2018
  • 57 min
  • International Premiere
  • Luminous

Under the name PasSage, Ugo and his friends organize underground parties in unusual locations around Paris. The parties are, as one of them puts it, “The last place of expression for us. Truly free.”

Their playful search for adventure takes them to forbidden places, the only spots left to explore in a city where every centimeter is in use. It might be a location in Versailles, an abandoned train next to a monument, a deserted military fort, or perhaps a cave. The decision is made only after an expedition with a backpack and a flashlight to explore the site and its approach routes thoroughly. Partygoers learn of the location just before the party starts, and there are strict rules for them to follow.

Filmmaker Jérôme Clément-Wilz takes us into the heart of the group and its experiences. Whether this is about more than just partying, Ugo can’t say—but they’ll certainly still be talking about it in 20 years’ time.

TV5MONDE supports all French-language productions at IDFA 2018. For more French documentaries with Ducth subtitles, visit TV5MONDE.


  • 57 min
  • color
  • DCP
  • Spoken languages: French
  • Subtitles in: English
Jérôme Clément Wilz
Stan Bertin for Partizan
Executive producer
Frederic Travert for Red Bull France
Jérôme Clément Wilz, Boris Levy
Jérôme Clément Wilz, Ael Dallier Vega

IDFA history

International Premiere

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